15 STARS Kentucky Stars Bourbon Review

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15 STARS Kentucky Stars is a blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys aged at least 8 years. It is available only in Kentucky. Wondering what it's like? Read our review to find out!

Kentucky Stars
Fine Aged Bourbon
Proof 105

Please enjoy our 15 STARS Kentucky Stars Bourbon review!

“A Select Blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys Aged A Minimum Of 8 Years”

15 STARS’ First Kentucky Only Release

Kentucky Stars is 15 STARS’ first Kentucky only release. According to the bottle label: “In 1795, Kentucky was celebrated as the 15th state on the second US flag with 15 stars, and 15 stripes. Since then, Kentucky has been at the center of distilling in America. Kentucky Stars limited releases honor the state’s long history of distilling excellence.”

15 STARS Was Started By A Father – Son Team

15 STARS was started by father and son Rick and Ricky Johnson. They are currently distilling and aging their own bourbons, which are made from heirloom corns. One is a wheated bourbon which uses Heirloom Baby Black Corn. The other is a bourbon made from red, white and blue heritage corns with rye being the secondary grain. Each of the individual corn mash bills will also be released separately. While their whiskey is aging, they have been releasing a series of sourced, limited releases, with 15 STARS Platinum Bourbon and Kentucky Stars Bourbon being the most recent.

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Tasting Notes – 15 STARS Kentucky Stars Bourbon Review

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉Nose: Cherry, orange peel, light wintergreen and cinnamon, brown sugar, cedar; subtle oak & leather; moderate alcohol
👉Taste: Brown sugar, caramel, tart orange citrus, light oak
👉Finish: Brown sugar and orange citrus linger into the finish; moderate white pepper spice; dryness later on, with lingering dry oak; there’s some subtle leather, too; long finish; relatively mild burn

Stopper - 15 Stars Kentucky Stars Bourbon Review
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An Orange Citrusy Tang

There’s a bit of an orange citrusy tang throughout; unexpected for me in an 8+ year Kentucky bourbon. However, once I am acclimated, I find it quite pleasant. The tart orange blends quite well with the classic bourbon and older barrel flavors.

15 Stars Kentucky Stars Bourbon Review & Bourbon Obsessed Glencairn
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15 STARS Kentucky Stars is a very enjoyable bourbon, albeit with a bit of a different flavor profile than I had anticipated. Therefore, if you are a fan of Kentucky bourbons in the 8+ year range, but would like to try something with a bit of a different “orange twist” (I’m here all week?), then give Kentucky Stars a try!

Have you tried any of 15 STARS whiskeys? What did you think? Cheers!🥃

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