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November 2020

Rabbit Hole 4 grain Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Rabbit Hole Bourbon

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After Pernod Ricard acquired a majority share in Rabbit Hole back in 2019, the distillery rebranded their products, with a name change to honor influential figures and places in Louisville, as well as in the life of founder Kaveh Zamanian. I have always been a bit confused by the naming of Rabbit Hole Bourbon and Rye, so I’m just going to take a minute to clarify that for myself. You all are welcome to come along!

Parker's Heritage Bourbon finished in orange curacao barrels

Bourbon Hood by Bourbon Charity

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Bourbon Hood is a passionate group of monthly givers that support Bourbon Charity’s mission to combine Charity with Bourbon to #drinkforachange. Bourbon Charity is a nonprofit organization of over 5,000 supporters that raise money for charity. There are a number of Bourbon Hood Supporters on Instagram. Go ahead and give them a follow!