Town Branch Distillery

90 Second Tour of Town Branch Distillery

Join us for a 90 second tour of the Town Branch Distillery, the only distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail located in Lexington, Kentucky. Town Branch Distillery is very unique in that it is part of a joint brewing and distilling operation, the Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co, which itself is part of Alltech. Lexington Brewing may be familiar to you as the makers of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. Come along and check it out!

Because they are a joint operation, the tour includes visits to both the brewery and the distillery. What may or may not be surprising is that the same equipment is used to cook the grains (the mash) for both the beer and the whiskey. The mash designated to become beer will be sparged (the liquid will be separated from the grain) and will then proceed to the brew kettle for further cooking and the addition of hops. The mash destined to become whiskey will be pumped over to the distillery via pipes running across the street, making its way to the first of two copper pot stills. This system makes perfect sense.

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We enjoyed our visit to Town Branch Distillery, and are glad that we live nearby with easy access to their single barrel bourbons. A full write-up of our visit can be found here.

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