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Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review

Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon Review

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Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a high malt bourbon, which is pretty atypical. Indeed, when they say high malt, they mean high malt! The mash bill is 51% corn, 34% malted barley and 15% rye. That’s significantly more malt than most other distilleries use. So how does that all add up? Read on to find out!

Bardstown Bourbon Company Château De Laubade Finished Bourbon 2022 Release - Review

Bardstown Bourbon Company Château De Laubade 2022

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This is Bardstown Bourbon Company’s second foray into finishing bourbon in Château De Laubade Armagnac casks. The first release was made with a 12 year old Indiana bourbon, presumably from MGP. This second release uses a blend of 12 year old Kentucky bourbon and 10 year old Tennessee bourbon, with no proportions or other specifics provided. So right from the start these will be two very different releases.

Pinhook True Small Batch Bourbon Heist Justins' House of Bourbon

Pinhook True Small Batch

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Pinhook Bourbon Heist High Proof Bourbon has been my favorite Pinhook Bourbon release to date. Therefore, when I saw this Justins’ House of Bourbon Pinhook Bourbon Heist True Small Batch, I knew I had to have it.

Woody Creek Distillers Colorado Bourbon Review

Woody Creek Distillers Bourbon Review

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Woody Creek Distillers was founded in 2012. Located in Basalt, Colorado, 15 miles west of Aspen, they produce their whiskeys from locally sourced grains. In fact, they grow the potatoes that they use in their vodka and as a base for their gin themselves! I am enjoying this bourbon. While it is on the lighter side, it still has full flavors. There’s a noticeable sweetness, and some youthfulness, but they work together well. In addition, the bit of spice in the finish offers a nice contrast to those earlier flavors.

Bourbon Rabbi Honey Finished Bourbon Review

Bourbon Rabbi Honey Finished Bourbon

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Have you heard of the Bourbon Rabbi? He is Rabbi Chaim Litvin, and also a brand of bourbon. The nickname Bourbon Rabbi was bestowed upon him by the Wall Street Journal in 2017 because he works with distilleries to certify their bourbon as kosher. He also just recently released a bourbon of the same name.

RD One Bourbon Finished with French Oak Review

RD ONE Bourbon Finished With French Oak

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Are you familiar with RD1 Spirits? Well, let me acquaint you. RD1 stands for Registered Distillery One, the first registered distillery in central Kentucky. What was that first distillery, you may very well ask? Well, it was the Ashland Distillery, in Lexington! While Ashland was established in 1865, it had quite the short life, distilling only from 1868-1869. Ashland was subsequently acquired by William Tarr and Thomas J. Megibben in 1871 and production returned. You may recognize William Tarr as the namesake of the first whiskey that RD1 Spirits produced. The William Tarr line has since been retired, and the RD ONE line is now taking its place. The RD ONE Bourbon Finished With French Oak is the first release under the new label. So how is it? Let’s find out!

Redbreast Kentucky Oak Edition Review

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Redbreast has recently announced a collection of whiskeys that will only be available in the United States. Accordingly, The American Oak Series is its name. The first release in the series is the Redbreast Kentucky Oak Edition. It is made from malted and unmalted barley and triple distilled in copper pot stills. The whiskey then matures in American Oak Bourbon barrels and Spanish Oloroso sherry butts. Check out my review to learn more!

Southern Star Paragon Bourbon Cask Strength Single Barrel Review

Southern Star Paragon Bourbon Review

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The Southern Distilling Company is fairly large contract distiller, but they also produce their own line of whiskeys under the Southern Star label. Also under this label is the Paragon series of wheated bourbons. There’s a 92 proof verion, a Bottled-In-Bond and a Cask Strength Single Barrel. It is the latter that I am reviewing today.

Ragged Branch Rye Review

Ragged Branch Rye Review

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Ragged Branch Distillery is located near Charlottesville, VA. As a “farm-to-bottle distillery” they grow all their own grain, on land they either own or lease. Their initial whiskeys were bourbons. However, back in 2015 they had an excess of rye and were deciding what to do with it. Master Distiller Dave Pickerell stated what would seem like the clear choice: they should make a rye whiskey! He formulated a mash bill that is a bit unique, being 83% rye and 17% malted barley. So I was interested in finding out what this somewhat unconventional Ragged Branch Virginia Straight Rye Whiskey was like!

15 Stars 7 & 15 Year Private Stock Bourbon Review

15 Stars 7 & 15 Year Bourbon Review

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Aged 7 & 15 Years Private Stock Bourbon is the second release from 15 Stars. The first release was their 14 year old Timeless Reserve, which I have reviewed previously. 15 Stars 7 & 15 Year Private Stock Bourbon is, as the name states, a blend of 7 & 15 year old Kentucky Straight bourbons. The bourbons are being sourced from an undisclosed distiller, while 15 Stars’ own whiskeys mature.