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Bardstown Bourbon Company Château de Laubade Bourbon

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Bardstown Bourbon Company Château de Laubade Bourbon

Bardstown Bourbon Company
Château de Laubade Bourbon Review

The Bardstown Bourbon Company Château de Laubade Bourbon is one of BBC’s most recent releases. It is part of their Collaborative Series, which as the name implies, utilizes barrels from other spirits to finish their whiskey. It’s a 12 year old Indiana bourbon finished in Château de Laubade Armagnac barrels for 18 months.

The Bardstown Bourbon Company is not one to skimp on the time that they allow their bourbons to mature in the finishing barrels, and this one is no exception. That 18 months is plenty of time to extract ample Armagnac flavors and allow them to blend with the bourbon.

Proof: 118.4

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Tasting notes

Nose: Honey, stone fruits like plums, dates & cherries, tootsie roll, caramel, oak, leather & a hint of tobacco
Taste: Soft but full mouthfeel with honey, apricot, caramel, light cinnamon & lots of oak
Finish: The sweetness and softness give way to dryness and char that lingers, but a hint of apricot remains. It a very long finish with a moderate burn.

There’s almost a “winey🍷” (not whiny🙄) and musty🍇 character to the nose, which must come from the Armagnac barrels. There is a lot of alcohol in the nose, which may in part be because this a freshly opened bottle, although it is a 118.4 proof bourbon. After allowing it some time to rest, the alcohol dissipates a bit and the flavors in the nose are much more noticeable. The mouthfeel is full, yet soft initially, but then gives way to dryness, char and some heat. It’s very interesting how this whiskey starts off sweet and finishes more on the astringent side. I suspect it will mellow a bit after the bottle has been open a while.

In conclusion

I had this bourbon earlier in the week and it really made me ready for the Friday of my birthday week, which was my actual birthday. I visited the Bardstown Bourbon Company and partook of their “Honey Spot Thieving Flight” experience where we “Travel into the depths of a rickhouse and thieve three bourbons directly from the barrel.” Then we had an excellent lunch at the Bardstown Bourbon Company Kitchen & Bar. It was a fantastic day! Stay safe you all! Cheers!🥃

Check out our video tour of the Bardstown Bourbon Company

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