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Bardstown Bourbon Company From Distillate to Barrel Tour

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Bardstown Bourbon Company From Distillate to Barrel Tour

Bardstown Bourbon Company
From Distillate to Barrel Tour

We recently took the Bardstown Bourbon Company From Distillate to Barrel Tour. I really enjoy visiting the Bardstown Bourbon Company so I was very happy when they opened back up to visitors again in July. You might remember seeing my post that month when we had lunch there on my birthday and did the Honey Spot Thieving Flight Tour/Tasting? That was a fun time!

Well, we are back again. We had another great lunch and a couple of cocktails at their fantastic restaurant, and then went on the Bardstown Bourbon Company From Distillate to Barrel Tour. That was followed by a tasting, the “Discovery Flight”, which is one of the add-ons available.

↓↓ Scroll down to see a video of our tour ↓↓

The Tour

The folks at the BBC have done a fantastic job of adapting to social distancing with new and modified visitor experiences. The tours no longer spend the majority of their time venturing throughout the production areas. Instead, the first part of our tour began in a spacious classroom area, where we learned a little background information about the BBC and did a small tasting. The goal of the tasting was to get a feel for how bourbon changes as it matures. We sampled the BBC’s wheat and rye bourbon distillates, followed by the rye bourbon aged for 2 years 11 months. Lastly, we tasted the Fusion Series #2 to see how it all comes together. The tasting was followed by a 6 minute movie about the BBC.

That’s not to say that we didn’t get to see the distillery. Following the tasting and movie we briefly entered the production area, and learned about the cookers, fermenters and stills. Then we took a look at the barreling area as we headed to the rickhouse to see where the bourbon ages and have ourselves a little sample from the barrel.

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After our tour, we enjoyed the Discovery Flight, which consisted of all three of BBC’s Discovery Series Bourbons.

I have really enjoyed visiting the Bardstown Bourbon Company in the past, and this was a great visit as well! There’s always something new to see and taste, and the food and cocktails are always excellent.

Video of the From Distillate to Barrel Tour

Want to see more of the Bardstown Bourbon Company? Check out a slightly longer video tour right here!

Thank you @bardstownbourbon_chi (his Instagram name) for our tour and tasting! Please give him a follow, especially if you are in the Chicago area, and definitely stop by the Bardstown Bourbon Company if you get the chance! Stay safe you all! Cheers!🥃

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