Bardstown Bourbon Company Honey Spot Thieving Flight Tour Review

Bardstown Bourbon Company Honey Spot Thieving Flight Tour

The Bardstown Bourbon Company has been open again to visitors, and they have a number of different experiences available. For my birthday back in July, I did the Honey Spot Thieving Flight Tour.

So that’s sort of an awkward name for a tour, but it actually is a pretty accurate description. And it’s very cool.

We met up with our guide, Vince Metcalf in the visitor center. On the walk over to the rickhouses Vince educated us a bit about the Bardstown Bourbon Company. Then it was into the rickhouse for some more discussion and on to our final destination – whiskey straight from the barrel!

The Honey Barrels

We had the opportunity to taste from three “honey barrels”, which are barrels which contain whiskey that is considered to be particularly good. The really cool thing about what they had picked out for us was that the three whiskeys were from three different mashbills and three different ages. So we really had an opportunity to see the differences.

The Tasting

The whiskeys were:
A 2+ year wheated bourbon
A 1+ year rye bourbon
A 3+ year rye whiskey

We finished up the Honey Spot Thieving Flight Tour with a sample of the Fusion Series #2 in the awesome tasting bar that’s built into the rickhouse.


I really enjoyed this tasting and recommend it to anyone visiting the Bardstown Bourbon Company. After our tasting, we had lunch at their restaurant, the recently renamed Bardstown Bourbon Company Kitchen & Bar. The food was fantastic and they’ve got a great bourbon selection (from all over, not just their own) and cocktails, too! Stay safe you all! Cheers! Thanks Vince!

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