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Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey Review

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Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey Review
Bernheim Original
Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey
Small Batch
Aged 7 Years
90 Proof
Heaven Hill Distillery
29.99 at TW in Kentucky

Please enjoy our Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey Review!

What is wheat whiskey?

So what exactly is wheat whiskey? Wheat whiskey is similar to bourbon, except the dominant grain (at least 51%) is wheat, rather than corn. All the other rules apply, such as the requirement to be aged in a new charred oak container. Like bourbon, the remainder of the mash bill can be made up of any other grains, but corn and malted barley are usually used.

Bernheim – does that mean something?

Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey is made by Heaven Hill Distillery and is named after the Bernheim Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. The Bernheim Distillery is the main production distillery for Heaven Hill. It is the largest independent, family owned distillery in the world, with a production of 1300 barrels a day. The original Heaven Hill distillery, the Heaven Hill Springs Distillery, burned down on November 7, 1996. The Shapiras purchased the Bernheim Distillery in 1999 from United Distillers to replace it.

Mash Bill

The Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey mash bill utilizes just over 50% winter wheat, with the remainder comprised of corn and malted barley. Specifically, it is: 51% wheat, 37% corn, 12% malted barley. So it is like an inverted heavily wheated bourbon, with the corn and wheat swapped. So what does the high proportion of wheat do to the flavors?

Tasting Notes

Let’s Taste Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Apple, pear, light cherry, creme brûlée, toffee; oak, subtle leather; relatively light alcohol
👉🏻Taste: Crème brûlée, toffee, pear, light honey sweetness, with a little spice; relatively light body
👉🏻Finish: Honey sweetness, toffee and Crème brûlée continue; mild oak and char build with a bit of spice growing and lingering on. The fruit is still there, but more in the background now; medium finish with a mild burn

The perplexing flavors of wheat

Wheat perplexes me. The flavors it brings seem so variable. Sometimes there’s fruit; other times wintergreen or spearmint; perhaps butterscotch and crème brûlée; or maybe even a bit of spice. There at times seems to be some overlap with rye. I’ve heard people say that the difference between wheated bourbon and “rye” bourbon is like the differences between wheat and rye bread. I think that doesn’t do the grains justice, although it is making me hungry for a sandwich.🤷🏻‍♂️ Anyway, I feel I am getting a little off-topic, so, back to the Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey review.


Bourbon drinkers may find Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey a bit lacking in the body and “oomph” they are used to, but that should come as no surprise. Wheat definitely makes for a lighter bodied whiskey and this particular one is at a relatively low proof. However, it does have many enjoyable flavors. This is a nice whiskey for those starting out in whiskey or for those who enjoy something on the lighter and fruitier side. Perhaps it is one that unpeated scotch drinkers looking to try another style might also enjoy.

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