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Boone County Distilling Co Review

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Boone County Distilling Co Bourbon
Boone County Distilling Co

Boone County Distilling Co has a unique niche in the continuously expanding Kentucky bourbon market; its products are “Made By Ghosts.”  This ominous sounding tag line in reality is the company’s homage to those now little known nineteenth century characters in Boone County, Kentucky, who forged an enormous distilling pathway.  So much so, that by the later part of the century, the distillery was the largest producer of whiskey in the entire state. The 21st century Boone County Distilling Co was resurrected in 2015 and although its location is not the same as the original, Boone County remains home to Boone County Distilling.  The distillery’s current location can be found in northern Kentucky, just inside of the Boone County line in the small town of Independence about a mile east of I-75.

Review - Boone County Distilling Co
Review – Boone County Distilling Co
Boone County Distilling Co Whiskeys

Boone County Distilling produces an ever expanding line of spirits, but I’ll focus on the whiskey. Their original bourbon was sourced from MGP, which is just a few short miles away, as the crow flies. It was released as 10-12 year old small batches and 12-13 year old barrel strength single barrels, if memory serves me. Unfortunately, the one pictured is the only one of those single barrels that I have left. They were fantastic! There have been occasional releases of this older bourbon since, but the “Eighteen 33” line of bourbons is essentially extinct.

The current Boone County line up is also largely sourced from MGP and now includes the Small Batch Bourbon, which I believe is a blend of older and younger bourbons; a single barrel wheated bourbon, which is 6-8 years old, and a rye which comes in small batch and cask strength single barrel varieties. There is also an Oloroso Sherry Cask Finished Bourbon, which has been released as first through third fill batches over the past 3 years. In Fall 2021 they released their 5 year old Boone County Pot Still Bourbon which was distilled in house!

We toured the distillery back in mid 2020, and we stop by occasionally to see what’s been happening. Check out our full Boone County Distilling Company Tour Review and our Boone County Pot Still Bourbon Review to learn more! Cheers!🥃

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Originally published December 20, 2020. Post updated May 16, 2022.