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Bourbon Hood by Bourbon Charity

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Parker's Heritage Bourbon finished in orange curacao barrels

Bourbon Hood by Bourbon Charity

Bourbon Hood is a passionate group of monthly givers that support Bourbon Charity’s mission to combine charity with bourbon to #drinkforachange. Bourbon Hood covers Bourbon Charity’s overhead costs, so that ultimately every public dollar donated in their fundraisers goes to help the supported charities. Social media, particularly Instagram, has facilitated awareness about Bourbon Charity and has enabled it to raise over a half-million dollars to support 15 different charitable organizations in its first year. Therefore many Bourbon Hood supporters are on Instagram.

Bourbon Charity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of over 5,000 supporters that raise money for charity. The core supported charities are Prostate Cancer Foundation, Children’s Tumor Foundation, Fisher House Foundation, Dare to Care, and charity: water. A number of online raffles, Bingo and other events are hosted throughout the year to support these and other causes. Go ahead and check out Bourbon Charity today, or join Bourbon Hood yourself! Cheers!🥃

The following folks are Bourbon Hood Supporters on Instagram

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  • @Adamglipkin
  • @All_about_the_tumbler
  • @AllAmericanBourbon
  • @Arizonawhiskeycommunity
  • @Beast__of__bourbon
  • @BeerLoversofWI
  • @Bourbon_Obsessed
  • @Brbncoffee
  • @Broke4bourbon
  • @Brownbagbourbon
  • @Carolinawhiskeysociety
  • @Catcheroftherye
  • @Chasingbourbon
  • @Dallasbourboncowboy
  • @Danmayorgas
  • @Dini_Whiskey
  • @Dram.Dad
  • @Drinkdisciple
  • @Freduhl
  • @Gswhiskydad
  • @Jack_and_bourbon
  • @Nkhund2
  • @Pcwhiskey
  • @Seilders5
  • @Shunut79
  • @SipNTravel
  • @Sonoransipper
  • @Thebourbonpilot
  • @Thetipsybarkeep
  • @Timejumper319
  • @Urbanbourbonist
  • @Wacobourbon
  • @Westgeorgiawhiskey
  • @Whiskey_makes_me_frisky
  • @Whiskeytology
  • @19tcapp

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