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Bulleit Blenders’ Select Bourbon

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Bulleit Blenders' Select

Bulleit Blenders’ Select Bourbon is a new limited release from Bulleit. It is only available in select areas, and fortunately Kentucky is one of them. “Regular” Bulleit Bourbon is a blend of 10 different distillates, each made using one of two mash bills, and one of five different yeast strains. (Same idea as Four Roses Tan (formerly known as Yellow) label) This release is a blend of just 3 of those distillates, with each of those aged at least 9 years.

Proof: 100
Age: At least 9 years

~Nose: Butterscotch, vanilla and green apples
~Taste: Honey, caramel and a hint of oak and chocolate; moderate body and mouthfeel
~Finish: Honey sweetness and caramel continue and the green apples return. Oak and barrel char build and continue into the moderately long finish

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This is a very enjoyable bourbon. It is a little lighter, sweeter and fruitier than I was expecting, but the flavors go well together. I’m going to grab another bottle before it’s all gone. Like toilet paper. 🙄 Stay safe you all. Cheers!🥃

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