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Elijah Craig Beer Barrel Finish Bourbon

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Elijah Craig Beer Barrel Finish Bourbon

Elijah Craig
Beer Barrel Finish
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
94 Proof

So this Elijah Craig Beer Barrel Finish Bourbon is super cool. It all began when Heaven Hill made a batch of their Elijah Craig Bourbon. It turns out that wasn’t just any Elijah Craig, it was the Elijah Craig that was crowned Whiskey of the Year back in 2018! The folks at Heaven Hill didn’t just chop up those empty barrels and use them for kindling. Oh, no. They sent those barrels to the fine folks at Goose Island Beer Company in Chicago. I know what you are thinking. They made planters out of them to decorate their breweries and tap rooms. Well, that’s not quite correct. They made one heck of an imperial stout and aged it for a year in those barrels. Then they released it on Black Friday 2018 as Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, one of my favorite beers!

But our story doesn’t end there. 3 of those empty stout soaked barrels went back to Heaven Hill where they filled them with…what other than Elijah Craig Bourbon! The circle was completed! That bourbon was then aged 9 months in those barrels in Warehouse I in Bardstown at the main Heaven Hill complex.

The bourbon was then bottled in Heaven Hill’s famous 200ml grenades and sold as a distillery only release. Purchasers were invited to tune in to a live event with Conor O’Driscoll, Master Distiller at Heaven Hill, and the folks at Goose Island.

Tasting Notes

Elijah Craig Beer Barrel Finish Bourbon is a nutty, chocolaty, caramel treat! There’s a dry but syrupy chocolate oaky finish, which sort of cleanses the palate getting me ready for the next sip. Some vanilla is in there too! Did I mention the chocolate? I’m not sure where all this chocolate is coming from but it’s awesome!

Chocolate Flavors

So, since it was a live event, I asked where all the chocolate is coming from. According to the folks at Goose Island, it’s from the chocolate malt, caramel malt and roasted barley. Apparently when the bourbon ages in barrels which held Bourbon County Stout, those chocolate flavors really come out. No chocolate was added.

Well, I wish I had more of this than my now half empty grenade. Hopefully this bourbon will make an appearance on a larger scale again sometime soon! Stay safe you all! Cheers!🥃

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