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Five Trail Whiskey Review

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Five Trail Whiskey Review
Five Trail Blended American Whiskey
Coors Whiskey Co
A harmony of Colorado Single Malt Whiskey and Straight Bourbons
95 Proof
SRP: $59.99

Please enjoy our Five Trail Whiskey Review!

So Coors Makes a Whiskey?

Five Trail Whiskey is the first whiskey released by the Coors Whiskey Co. Yes. That Coors. Fresh Rocky Mountain Water, Silver Bullet; I’m sure you’ve heard of them. So what do they know about whiskey? Well, they know enough to use their own internal expertise and to partner with the Bardstown Bourbon Company to develop their product. So, they are off to a great start!

The Bardstown Bourbon Company Touch

The Bardstown Bourbon Company influence is certainly evident. Five Trail Whiskey is a blend, made from 4 very different sources. It is then proofed with Rocky Mountain water; water that is actually transported in tanker trucks to the Bardstown Bourbon Company! The malted barley used is high-country barley from Coors’ own malthouse in Golden, CO. Now let’s get on with our Five Trail Whiskey Review!

Five Trail Whiskey’s Components

45% 4 year-old Indiana wheated bourbon
35% 4 year-old Kentucky 4 grain bourbon
15% 4 year-old Colorado single malt whiskey
5% 13 year-old Kentucky straight bourbon

The mash bills of each whiskey are also listed on the Coors Distilling Co. website. That’s the same transparency that we know and love about the Bardstown Bourbon Company’s own blends!

Five Trail Whiskey Review Tasting Notes

Let’s taste Five Trail Whiskey:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Sweet light honey, a bit of “graininess” / “maltiness” including lightly toasted malted barley, subtle corn, hint of sarsaparilla, some baking spices with light cinnamon on a sweet floral background complemented by soft apples; there is a fullness reminiscent of oatmeal, but I’m not sure why… alcohol is noticeable but not overbearing
👉🏻Taste: Sweet; honey and simple syrup both; light caramel, maltiness, subtle char; floral notes continue; fairly full mouthfeel
👉🏻Finish: Maltiness returns in the long finish and lingers; some char and black pepper come forward; moderate burn.

Five Trail Whiskey Review Summary

The nose is unlike most bourbons, which is probably good, since this is not a bourbon. Five Trail Whiskey has more graininess/maltiness and floral/soft apple character than most bourbons, which I assume is coming from the single malt component. Those flavors combine with what seem like relatively young bourbon notes. That also makes sense since 4 year old bourbons make up the vast majority of the mash bill. From start to finish, there’s a noticeable sweetness. This whiskey reminds me more of an unpeated Scotch or Irish whiskey than a bourbon, even though the single malt is only 15% of the mash bill. This is a whiskey for when a bourbon drinker is in the mood for something a bit different, which I often am. As I continue to sip this Five Trail Whiskey over multiple days, I am enjoying it more and more.

I hope you enjoyed our Five Trail Whiskey Review! Would you like to learn more about the folks that helped make this whiskey possible? Check out our Bardstown Bourbon Company Tour Review!

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