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Fortuna Bourbon Review

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Fortuna Bourbon Review - Bottle + Glass

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
102 Proof
Rare Character Whiskey Company
MSRP: $85

Please enjoy our Fortuna Bourbon review!

Fortuna Bourbon Is From The Folks At Rare Character

Fortuna Bourbon is brought to us by the folks at the Rare Character Whiskey Company, now joined by Andy Shapira. Yes, that Shapira. Andy is from the same Shapira family that owns Heaven Hill. So the pedigree behind this bourbon is a strong one. Fortuna Bourbon is aged at least 6 years and is from an undisclosed Kentucky distillery, or possibly distilleries. Finally, it is a blend of 6 barrels.

Fortuna Is An Old Brand

The Fortuna Brand was originally founded by Phil Hollenbach in the 1880’s. It was distilled at Hollenbach’s Glencoe Distillery (originally Stitzel Bros Distillery) in Louisville. The distillery changed location a few times, as well as ownership, and eventually was owned by National Distillers and located in Bardstown. Fortuna Bourbon was last sold by National Distillers in the late 1950’s or 1960’s. The folks at Rare Character have revived the brand today. Their aim is to recreate the essence of Fortuna at its peak in the 1880s, down to the branding, bottles, and bourbon itself. That should be possible since they have some vintage bottles of Fortuna and Glencoe bourbons to use as guides.

Tasting Notes – Fortuna Bourbon Review

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Brown sugar, rye spices, rye bread, subtle graham cracker, grape candy, caramel, black tea & a light floral note; alcohol is relatively mild for the proof; a bit of leather and oak have developed over the week that this bottle has been open.
👉🏻Taste: Brown sugar, caramel, rye spices, dry oak; subtle grape candy
👉🏻Finish: The same flavors and sweetness continue into the finish and linger. Then, a bit of black pepper spice joins in; the finish is long, but with a relatively mild burn; Towards the end, a black tea note and dry oakiness become dominant.

Full Flavors And Brown Sugar Sweetness

The flavors have evolved since I first opened this bottle a week ago. Rye bread & Graham cracker that stood out to me then are less noticeable, although the rye bread reappears after the first sip. Black tea and leather, which were not there initially, are present now, but are relatively subtle. The flavors overall have become a bit more full, but the brown sugar and rye spices remain dominant. In addition, the alcohol in the nose and the burn in the finish have become a bit more noticeable but are still not overpowering.

Fortuna Bourbon has similar flavors from start to finish. The rye spices are noticeable from the beginning, and remain through til the very end. A brown sugar sweetness is present throughout as well, and to me is the dominant flavor. In the finish, black pepper spice rises in prominence, but otherwise the earlier flavors remain.

Conclusion – Fortuna Bourbon Review

I find that more often than not bourbons taste differently than they smell, and often finish differently still. That is not the case with Fortuna Bourbon. There are no 180 degree flavor changes as the sip goes along; and that’s a good thing since the flavors are quite pleasant. If you enjoy a full bodied but sweeter bourbon, then give Fortuna Bourbon a try! Cheers!🥃

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