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George Dickel – Leopold Bros Collaboration Rye Review

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George Dickel - Leopold Bros Collaboration Rye Review
George Dickel – Leopold Bros Collaboration Rye
George Dickel Column Still
Leopold Bros Three Chamber Still
A blend of straight rye whiskeys
100 proof
SRP: $109.99

Please enjoy our George Dickel – Leopold Bros Collaboration Rye Review!

A George Dickel – Leopold Bros Collaboration?

The George Dickel – Leopold Bros Collaboration Rye is an interesting new rye for quite a few reasons. I bet you’re wondering what those are? Well, I’ll tell you!

George Dickel Column Distilled Rye

I know you are thinking “George Dickel Rye – that’s been around for a while – what’s so special?”. While it is true that George Dickel Rye is not new, a rye actually distilled by Dickel is! You see, their George Dickel Rye that is sold in the bottle with the familiar green label is not distilled by George Dickel. It is “charcoal-mellowed” there, but is actually good old 95/5 rye from MGP in Indiana. They are completely transparent about this on their website. However, the rye in George Dickel – Leopold Bros Collaboration Rye was distilled at their own Cascade Hollow Distillery! As far as I know, a Dickel distilled rye has never been released before, although some Dickel aficionados might know otherwise?

Three Chambered Rye

What about the Leopold Bros Three Chamber Rye? Apparently, years ago, rye whiskey was commonly produced in a Three Chamber Still. There’s a video on the Leopold Bros website which explains the three chambered still in detail, but suffice it to say, it has 3 chambers and the end result is a heavy bodied flavorful rye. The Chamber Still, as it was called, extracts more of the oils from the rye, giving it extra flavor and body. This is helped along by Leopold Bros using the heritage grain, Abruzzi Rye, which has a lower starch percentage and hence more flavor producing components.

Alright, I think I’ve set the stage: this George Dickel – Leopold Bros Collaboration Rye is an exciting rye.

Tasting Notes

Let’s taste George Dickel – Leopold Bros Collaboration Rye:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Wintergreen; ample fruit such as apple, pear, dark cherry and a hint of orange; subtle baking spices, such as light allspice; maybe some cardamom. In the background is something dark and warming; maybe brown sugar? Mild alcohol

👉🏻Taste: Black tea, sugary sweetness, mild baking spices, light fruit

👉🏻Finish: Spiciness develops quickly, with black pepper and maybe some hotter red. Fruit also comes back early and lingers, with orange citrus rising to the forefront. The finish continues for a fairly long time. A bit of anise shows up late, and stays for a while. There’s some oak and char in the background as well and a relatively mild burn


There are a lot of flavors in this George Dickel – Leopold Bros Collaboration Rye, and most were not what I was expecting. The nose is very complex with more fruit than I expected. The taste is a short respite from the fruit, with some very pleasant full flavors. In the finish, the fruit returns and the more expected spiciness develops and carries through. This rye delivers different flavors than I anticipated, but it is a very enjoyable pour.

We hope you have enjoyed our George Dickel – Leopold Bros Collaboration Rye Review! Would you like to read about another George Dickel whiskey? Check out our George Dickel Bourbon Review!

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