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Heaven Hill Select Stock Coffee Barrel

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Heaven Hill Select Stock Finished in Good Folks Coffee Barrel

Heaven Hill Select Stock
“Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Used Coffee Barrel”

“Heaven Hill Select Stock Finished in Used Coffee Barrels”

The name says it all….

Many people are not familiar with Heaven Hill‘s Select Stock line, and that’s probably because they are only sold at the distillery and there is little information available about them. They are occasional, I believe annual, releases of what would best be called experimental bourbons. Some are good, and some are, well….different. Today we will talk about the Heaven Hill Select Stock Finished in Used Coffee Barrels.

The only information about this whiskey is what is on the label: “Whiskey aged for six years then finished in Good Folks Coffee Company‘s Bourbon barrel aged cold brew coffee barrels for an additional two weeks.” So that’s all we know.

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ABV: 45%, Proof: 90
Distillation Date: 4/5/2013
Bottled Date: 11/27/2019

Tasting Notes

~Color: I don’t usually comment on the color, but in this case, it is unique. Very deep amber, almost dark brown.

~Nose: Dominated by coffee. A combination of coffee grounds, camping percolator coffee and cold brew coffee. In the background is some sweetness, with toffee, vanilla and burnt caramel, but they are overpowered by the coffee.

~Taste: The same coffee flavors dominate. Mild sweetness and some mocha toffee are in the background

~Finish: The same coffee flavors and some sweetness continue, and are joined by some barrel char and astringency, with a light burn


Well. This bourbon is truly unique. I have been trying to figure out what this tastes like since I first tried it, and it has finally come to me. I don’t know if they still make these, but there used to be little round candies that came in a flat circular tin. They had intense coffee flavor and some sweetness. This bourbon is very similar. It’s also something like Werther’s Original Caramel Coffee Candies although the coffee flavor is different. When would one drink this? I guess whenever you might have a coffee liqueur. So as an after dinner drink, I suppose. Maybe in a cocktail. Or first thing in the morning…😁 Stay safe you all! Cheers!🥃

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