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Jack Daniel’s Heritage Barrel Review

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Jack Daniels Heritage Barrel Review
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel
Tennessee Whiskey
Special Release
“Heritage Barrel”
2018 Release
100 Proof

Please enjoy my Jack Daniel’s Heritage Barrel Review!

The Tennessee Whiskey That Changed My Mind About Jack Daniel’s

Have you had a whiskey that completely changed your mind about a particular distillery? I certainly have! The year was 2018. For me at that time, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey represented something that I drank in my younger days… and with Coke. Then came the Jack Daniel’s Heritage Barrel. Little did I know how they had changed over the years!

A Highly Rated Whiskey

I believe Fred Minnick had rated it highly at the time and was speaking its accolades. That piqued my interest in trying it. But alas, the Tennessee Whiskey was nowhere to be found in Kentucky, so we had to track it down elsewhere. Although not easy to find at the time, it was nowhere near as sought after as its recent descendant, Coy Hill, a bottle of which I have yet to find.

So What Is A Heritage Barrel?

So what makes this barrel special? According to the Jack Daniel’s website, it is intended to “celebrate the early craftsmanship of the Jack Daniel Distillery“. And that it does! How so, you may ask? Well, it’s all in the barrel. Jack Daniel happens to have its own cooperage; down in Trinity, Alabama. For this release they crafted barrels that were slowly heated to provide a heavy toast, prior to charring. Then, the barrels were filled with Jack Daniel’s whiskey at 100 proof, which is a lower barrel entry proof than normal. Furthermore, these 200 barrels then spent their time aging in warehouse 1-09 on Coy Hill, one of the higher elevated barrelhouses. Finally, the whiskey was bottled at 100 proof, higher than the 80 proof that JD’s Old No. 7 is bottled at.

That’s Cool! But How Does It Taste?

All of these factors combined to make Jack Daniel’s Heritage Barrel a sensational whiskey. There’s banana, butterscotch, vanilla, burnt caramel & cherry with noticeable alcohol in the nose for 100 proof. The same flavors continue into the taste. The finish picks up some black pepper and spice, with a moderate burn. This whiskey is like a rich, delicious candy and it changed my mind about Jack Daniel forever. It is just an amazing whiskey.

What About Now?

Unfortunately, the Jack Daniel’s Heritage Barrel is fairly difficult to find these days, even though it was released again in 2019. The good news is that Jack Daniel has released many great whiskeys since then. The Jack Daniel’s Barrel Proof Rye, which was a special release in 2020, was a very well received. The latest special release, the Coy Hill, is also quite popular. If you are looking for a bottle you can just go out and buy, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof Tennessee Whiskeys are both also fantastic whiskeys and are much less difficult to obtain than the special releases. If you haven’t tried Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey lately, give one of these special releases or single barrels a try. I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised!🥃

I hope you enjoyed my Jack Daniel’s Heritage Barrel Review!

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