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Kentucky Owl The Wiseman Bourbon (2022)

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Kentucky Owl The Wiseman Bourbon Review

The Wiseman
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Kentucky Owl
Proof: 90.8
MSRP: $49.99

Please enjoy our Kentucky Owl The Wiseman Bourbon Review!

Kentucky Owl’s First Release Under John Rhea

Kentucky Owl’s The Wiseman Bourbon was their first release under Master Blender John Rhea. It was originally released back in the Fall of 2021 and was soon followed by The Wiseman Rye in 2022. Notably, The Wiseman Bourbon marked a turning point for Kentucky Owl for a couple of reasons. Initially, Dixon Dedman, great-grandson of Charles Mortimer Dedman, who was the founder of the brand back in 1879, blended Kentucky Owl’s whiskeys. However, Dixon Dedman is no longer with the brand and Kentucky Owl is now owned by the Stoli Group, with John Rhea now at the helm.

Furthermore, Kentucky Owl’s whiskeys have all been limited releases, except for Confiscated. In addition, they have priced at higher price points than these two whiskeys. Finally, The Wiseman Bourbon and Rye are bottled at a lower proof than the prior releases. The combination of these factors overall make them more “approachable” for the bourbon drinker.

Kentucky Owl The Wiseman Bourbon and Rye
Kentucky Owl The Wiseman Bourbon and Rye
Four Bourbons In One

Kentucky Owl makes The Wiseman Bourbon from four different Kentucky straight bourbons. When it was originally released, these were said to be Kentucky Owl 4-year-old wheat and high-rye bourbons, along with 5 ½-year and 8 ½-year-old Kentucky-sourced bourbons. I am not sure if Kentucky Owl uses the same blend currently, as specifics are no longer currently provided on the website.

Tasting Notes – Kentucky Owl The Wiseman Bourbon

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Sweet dried apricot, dark plums, honey, rye spices and hint of cinnamon in the back; mild oak & cedar; relatively soft alcohol
👉🏻Taste: Mellow honey, black tea, sweet soft caramel, rye spices & cedar on a background of sweet corn graininess; some barrel char appears towards the end
👉🏻Finish: The flavors and light barrel char continue into the finish. Moderate white and black pepper spice builds. Fairly long finish for the proof, with a moderate burn

This bourbon offers a nice transition from sweeter fruit flavors up front, into a fairly mellow black tea and honey midsection, finishing with a spicy moderately long finish. This all adds up to an enjoyable bourbon that is quite easy to drink.


By design, The Wiseman whiskeys are a bit different than the others in the Kentucky Owl line. They are easy drinking and more affordably priced. I had actually reviewed this bourbon back when it first came out, and my overall impression now is surprisingly similar to what it was then. If you enjoy an easy drinking bourbon, with some younger bourbon characteristics like sweet corn graininess, and the other flavors I have detailed in this review, then give The Wiseman Bourbon a try! Cheers!🥃

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Thank you to Kentucky Owl for providing the bourbon for this review!

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