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Maker’s Mark Bourbon Review

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Makers Mark Bourbon Review

Maker’s Mark
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky
90 Proof
MSRP: ~$25

Please enjoy our Maker’s Mark Bourbon Review!

Maker’s Mark Bourbon is a Classic

Maker’s Mark is one of Kentucky’s classic bourbons, and the brand and the Samuels are largely responsible for bourbon’s resurgence in the 80s and 90s. So, let’s have a (very) brief history review.

A Long History in Distilling

The Samuels family had a long history in distilling before Bill Sr. and Margie Samuels started Maker’s Mark. However, due to bad circumstances and bad luck, the original T.W. Samuels Distillery and brand were no longer in the Samuels family. Therefore, in 1953, when Bill Samuels, Sr. wanted to get back into distilling, he purchased Burks’ Distillery, which itself had quite the long history.

Time For A Better Bourbon

As the story goes, Bill Sr. was not at all a fan of his family bourbon and wanted to make something different; something softer, that he enjoyed drinking. He created his original mash bill by baking bread with the different recipes, and eventually arrived upon using red winter wheat as his flavoring grain. Ultimately, Maker’s Mark bourbon’s mash bill would be: 70% corn, 16% wheat and 14% malted barley.

Tasting Notes – Maker’s Mark Bourbon

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Sweet cherry candy, vanilla, caramel, light honey sweetness; light cedar; notes of sweet apple cider in the back; alcohol noticeable but subdued
👉🏻Taste: Black tea, vanilla, light honey sweetness, caramel & oak; cherry candy & apple, too
👉🏻Finish: Fruit, caramel and vanilla continues into the moderately long finish; char and black peppery spice build; moderate burn.

Makers Mark Dripping Red Wax
Maker’s Mark Dripping Red Wax

Well, there is no question that Bill Sr. succeeded in his quest. Maker’s Mark is an easy to drink bourbon with classic bourbon flavors, but also a bright softer side with noticeable fruit. Those flavors carry through the entire sip, although some char and black pepper do add spiciness to the finish.

In Closing

To be completely honest, when I drink bourbon from Maker’s Mark, it is generally something from the Wood Finishing Series or one of their Private Selections. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the original version; I just prefer those. They have a little more proof and some deeper, richer flavors from the wood.

Are you a fan of Maker’s Mark bourbon? Cheers!🥃

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