Michter’s Distillery has three locations, but tours are only offered at the Michter’s Fort Nelson Distillery in Louisville, KY. It should be noted that the main production distillery is the Shively Distillery, and the Fort Nelson Distillery produces only small quantities and mainly exists for visitors. We visited the Michter’s Fort Nelson Distillery and took the Legacy Tour, which is a more in-depth educational experience than their Discovery tour. It is led by one of the senior members of the Michter’s team, in our case Kyle Lloyd, who is the Director of Research & Development. The experience includes an introduction to Michter’s Distillery and its history, a tour of the distillery with a fairly in depth discussion of the production process, a short sensory experience and a tasting which includes some of the more sought after Michter’s whiskeys. You can read the full write up and see photos of our visit on BourbonObsessed.com or watch the video virtual tour here.

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