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New Riff Malted Rye Whiskey Review

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New Riff Malted Rye Aged 6 Years
New Riff
Kentucky Straight
100% Malted Rye Whiskey
Aged 6 Years
Bottled in Bond

This New Riff 100% Malted Rye Whiskey is the latest release from New Riff Distilling, and it’s pretty exciting! It was released via online presale to members of the New Riff Whiskey Club last month. Needless to say, it sold out quickly! But don’t worry – according to the press release, this rye will be released in Kentucky and then have wider distribution by the end of 2021.

100% Malted Rye Whiskey

So, this is a 100% malted rye whiskey! But what does that mean? Well, most bourbons and ryes contain a small amount of malted barley. Why? While it does add some flavor, particularly when it makes up a larger percentage of the mash bill, its main use is usually for its enzymes. Those enzymes are used to convert the starches in the mash to fermentable sugars, so they are very important. The enzymes are produced when the barley is malted, which is when it is allowed to germinate and is then stopped at a specific time by heating and drying.

Tasting Notes

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Baking spices, cherry, pear, milk chocolate, brown sugar, oak, cedar; mild alcohol burn
👉🏻Taste: Touch of chocolate, caramel, honey, brown sugar, oak, char
👉🏻Finish: The char and some black pepper build, a hint of root beer lingers, and the sweetness and fruit fade; there’s a long finish which becomes progressively dry, with a moderate burn.

The nose on this rye is “smooth”. Not that it isn’t loaded with flavor – it is – but it doesn’t have that sharp bite of spices, citrus and sometimes anise that many ryes do. I am assuming that is because this is made from 100% malted rye. That’s not very common and only a few distilleries are doing that. It definitely changes the flavor profile from the aforementioned sharper flavors to more full and rich fruit, some milk chocolate and brown sugar sweetness, on the nose, although it develops more oak and char and touch of root beer as the sip goes on and the finish becomes more dry. Those latter flavors are probably a function of the 6 year age. I am really enjoying this rye!

Have you tried this rye from New Riff or any other malted rye whiskey? What did you think? Cheers!🥃

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