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Noah’s Mill Bourbon Review

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Noah's Mill Bourbon Review
Noah’s Mill
Genuine Bourbon Whiskey
114.3 proof
Distilled in Kentucky
Bottled By Noah’s Mill Distilling Company
DSP-78, Batch 19-22

Please enjoy my Noah’s Mill Bourbon Review!

Willett Distillery

Willett Distillery is perhaps best known for its highly sought after Willett Family Estate whiskeys, but there are many, many more brands also produced at this distillery. In fact, the Willett Family Estate is just a small percentage of the whiskey produced by Willett. One of these other brands is Noah’s Mill Bourbon.

About Noah’s Milll Bourbon

There is not much information out there about Noah’s Mill Bourbon, other than that it once bore a 15 year old age statement, as recently as the early 2010’s. It now may or may not be a blend of bourbons aged anywhere from 4-20 years using both wheated and rye bourbon recipes. That is purely conjecture, but info found all over the web.

For transparency’s sake, there may be some differences in the bottle I am reviewing here vs. the latest releases. This bottle may or may not contain some or all sourced bourbon. Whereas, the bottle label has since changed to state that Noah’s Mill is entirely distilled, aged and bottled at Willett Distillery.

Tasting Notes

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 20 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Oak, cinnamon, cedar, chocolate on a background of subtle brown sugar; moderate alcohol
👉🏻Taste: Brown sugar, oak, cinnamon, chocolate
👉🏻Finish: Oak with rapidly blooming tannins and lingering char and cedar. Some tobacco, too. Long with a moderate burn.


Noah’s Mill Bourbon is one of those unusual bourbons that tastes almost exactly as it smells, something that I would have thought would be more common. The nose is quite distinctive and one that is familiar across many in the Willett line. The same goes for the taste and finish. This is not at all an overly sweet bourbon, so a good choice for those who prefer something on the drier side. The flavors are complex and difficult to dissect, yet eerily addictive. Over time this bourbon has really grown on me and has become something that I go to often. It reminds me of the flavors of the 6-7 year old Willett Family Estates, yet in those bourbons the flavors are bolder still, and the proof often higher.

I hope you enjoyed my Noah’s Mill Bourbon Review! Have you had Noah’s Mill Bourbon? Are you a fan? Cheers!🥃

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