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OH Ingram River Aged Bourbon Review

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O.H. Ingram River Aged Bourbon Review
OH Ingram
River Aged
Straight Bourbon Whiskey
105 Proof
Wheated Mashbill, Distilled in Indiana

Please enjoy my OH Ingram River Aged Bourbon review!

OH Ingram Whiskeys

Have you heard of OH Ingram River Aged whiskeys? I had posted about OH Ingram Rye, which was their second release, back in February 2021. Since then, I have enjoyed their whiskey on multiple occasions. So, when the newest addition to their line, this OH Ingram River Aged Straight Bourbon, showed up on my front porch (Thank you OH Ingram!!) I was eager to give it a try!

River Aging Makes O.H. Ingram Whiskeys Unique

The thing that makes OH Ingram unique is their river aging. No, the bourbon barrels don’t soak in the river. (although that could be interesting 🤔) Hank Ingram has the river in his blood, so to speak. His great-grandfather founded the Ingram Barge Company way back in 1946, and now, 75 or so years later, Hank is aging bourbon in his own floating rickhouse, which, you guessed it, was built on a barge. It’s an interesting concept – the motion of the river, temperature shifts and humidity all have an effect on the aging whiskey. There was one little hurdle to overcome before he got started, though: aging whiskey on the river was not legal.

Fortunately, that “small” legal obstacle, and many others were surmounted, and river aging was able to commence. Whiskeys were sourced from Indiana, and the rest is history. This bourbon is OH Ingram’s 4th release, the others being the OH Ingram Straight Whiskey, Straight Rye and the Flagship Straight Bourbon Whiskey, which I really enjoyed. So what’s the new 105 proof bourbon like?

Tasting Notes

Let’s taste OH Ingram River Aged Bourbon:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Caramel, crème brûlée, dark stone fruits like black cherry and plum, light cedar and pine; moderate alcohol
👉🏻Taste: Crème brûlée, honey, oak and light char
👉🏻Finish: The creme brûlée & honey linger; char and oak build; moderately long finish; moderate burn


Well, river aging does it again! I’m sure there were great flavors in what I presume was an MGP bourbon to begin with. However, the flavors seem more mature and rich than I would expect from what I assume is a relatively young bourbon.

But wait, there’s more!

I hope you enjoyed my OH Ingram River Aged Bourbon review! If you would like to read about another OH Ingram Whiskey, please check out my O.H. Ingram River Aged Rye review!

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