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Old Bardstown Bottled in Bond Bourbon Review

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Old Bardstown Bottled in Bond Bourbon Review
Old Bardstown
Bottled In Bond
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Distilled and Bottled by
The Willett Distillery
“Willett’s Finest Quality”

Please enjoy my Old Bardstown Bottled in Bond Bourbon Review!

A Value Bottled in Bond Bourbon from Willett Distillery!

I know what you are thinking: “A “value” bourbon from Willett? How can that be? Aren’t they the ones whose bourbons go for hundred or even thousands of dollars! Well, yes and no.

Willett = Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd

You see, Willett is also known as Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd, and they produce many bourbon brands other than those bottled under the Willett label. Those brands include: Rowan’s Creek, Pure Kentucky, Noah’s Mill, Johnny Drum, Kentucky Vintage and the Old Bardstown line, which includes, the Bottled In Bond, the Estate Bottled and the 90 proof version.

One of my favorite Value Bottled in Bond Bourbons

Old Bardstown Bottled in Bond Bourbon is actually one of my favorite “value” bottled in bond bourbons. Willett is generally not very forthcoming with the specifics of most of their whiskeys. However, since this one is a Bottled In Bond, they have to share some of the information about it. For example, to meet the requirements for bottled in bond, the distillery where the bourbon is distilled must be listed on the label. If the bourbon is bottled elsewhere, that needs to be stated as well. In this case, it says on the label “Distilled and Bottled by Willett Distillery”. So, there is no question about this bourbon’s origin.

Age and Mash Bill

No age statement is given. However, this bourbon must be at least 4 years old, since that is the youngest a bourbon can be and still be called bottled in bond. It’s also 100 proof, because it has to be to satisfy the regulations, but they would have shared that information with us anyway. Rumor has it that the mash bill is: 72% corn, 13% rye and 15% malted barley.

Tasting Notes

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 20 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Cedar, maple, pear, cherry, caramel, rye spices; light to medium alcohol
👉🏻Taste: Honey, vanilla, caramel, pear & cedar, rapidly give way to more cedar, tobacco and char, although the sweetness continues on
👉🏻Finish: The flavors continue into the finish where it develops quite a bit of dryness and char with a moderate alcohol burn. Tobacco and char linger for a long time.


This bourbon is quite complex and sells for around 20 bucks in Kentucky. So, it is definitely a great “value” Bottled in Bond bourbon in my book! Cheers!🥃

I hope you enjoyed my Old Bardstown Bottled in Bond Bourbon Review! Would you like to read about a couple of other bourbons from Willett Distillery? Check out my Rowan’s Creek Bourbon Review and my Noah’s Mill Bourbon Review!

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