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Old Forester 1910 Bourbon Review

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Old Forester 1910 Bourbon Review

Please enjoy my Old Forester 1910 Bourbon Review!

The Final Bourbon of the Whiskey Row Series

Old Forester 1910 Bourbon, the final addition to Old Forester’s Whiskey Row Series, was released back in October 2018. Immediate success led to high demand which resulted in a very short supply. It became yet another hard to find bourbon. Fortunately these days, supply now keeps up with demand, and Old Forester 1910 is generally readily available.

Why 1910?

From the bottle: “In 1910, Owsley Brown crafted his own personal stock of Old Forester, Old Fine Whisky, at 117 W. Main St., on Louisville’s Whiskey Row. Our Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky is barrel finished using Brown’s exact process.”

The label on the 1910 is a bit confusing because it doesn’t really explain the significance of the year. It turns out that back in 1910 there was a fire in Old Forester’s bottling facility. That is a problem, of course. However a second problem was the vat of mature whiskey waiting to be bottled. So what to do? Put it back into barrels, of course! That new expression, possibly the first double barreled release, was named Very Old Fine Whisky.

Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky Commemorates The Fire

To commemorate this event, the Old Forester 1910 is made by taking mature Old Forester bourbon and then putting it into a second barrel for additional aging. That second barrel is no ordinary barrel however. It is very heavily charred, in homage to what the fire did to Old Forester’s bottling facility. In addition, the bourbon is proofed down to 100 proof prior to being placed in the second barrel. This aids the liquid in extracting the most desirable barrel flavors.

Tasting Notes

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Banana, vanilla, butterscotch, rich caramel , cherry candy & oak; light alcohol
👉🏻Taste: Brown sugar, butterscotch, vanilla, light black tea, oak, cherry candy; medium to full mouthfeel
👉🏻Finish: Some black pepper spice and barrel char develops in the finish but is fairly subdued; cherry candy and some sweetness lingers to the end; moderately long finish but little burn

This bourbon is a dessert. It is loaded with full, rich confectionery-like flavors that make it very easy to drink.

Different Than Other Double Barreled Bourbons

You may be wondering how Old Forester 1910 Bourbon differs from other double barreled or “toasted” whiskeys. The main difference is that for the 1910, the second barrel is heavily charred – basically burnt to a crisp inside – whereas the second barrel for bourbons such as Woodford Double Oaked is heavily toasted. While there are some similarities between the two methods, they impart similar yet different flavors on the whiskey.

In Conclusion

I am a big fan of the Old Forester 1910 “Old Fine Whiskey”. I really enjoy its rich warm flavors; perfect for the end of a long day. While there are some similarities to its Brown-Forman cousin, Woodford Double Oaked Bourbon, the 1910 has a unique flavor profile. Talk about making lemons from lemonade; Old Forester has done one better with this bottling line fire inspired “Very Fine Whisky”!

Have you had Old Forester 1910 Bourbon? What did you think? Cheers!🥃

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