Parker’s Heritage Collection
Promise of Hope
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
2013 release
96 Proof
Aged 10 years
Picked by Parker Beam

Are you familiar with the Parker’s Heritage Collection from the Heaven Hill Distillery? According to their website: “Each year as part of the Parker’s Heritage Collection, we select a special whiskey to be released in the name of our late Master Distiller Parker Beam. The barrels selected for this series include Bourbon, Rye, and Wheat Whiskeys, among others, and are some of the finest and most diverse American Whiskeys ever produced. They are a fitting tribute to the expertise of Parker Beam.” Parker Beam suffered from ALS, and currently, a portion of the proceeds from each bottle sold go to the ALS Association. I believe the donations began with this release, Parker’s Heritage Collection Promise of Hope Bourbon.

This particular bourbon is the 7th in the series and was released in 2013. I really never thought I would have the opportunity to try it, or any of the earlier ones for that matter, so I was very excited to find this bourbon in a bar for less than the price of a new car! Sometimes you just get lucky!

This is an age stated 10 year old bourbon. Generally bourbons of that age will broadcast it prominently on their labels. Interestingly the age on this one is in very tiny letters at the top of the blue label. Strange.🤔

Parker’s Heritage Promise of Hope Bourbon Front Label
Tasting Notes

Let’s taste it:

There’s vanilla and burnt caramel in the nose, but the vanilla is dominant. Those same flavors continue throughout the taste, and even into the finish. There’s some light char and oak, but it remains mild to the end. This is just a delicious bourbon. If you really like a strong vanilla flavor in your bourbons, you’ll love this one! Cheers to Parker Beam! 🥃

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