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15 Stars

15 Stars Fine Aged Bourbon Review - Timeless Reserve

15 Stars 14 Year Fine Aged Bourbon Review

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15 Stars is named in homage to Kentucky being the 15th state on the 15 star US flag, which debuted in 1795. Interestingly, this flag is also the only US flag to have 15 stripes, rather than the 13 that we have today. In addition, this is also the flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner. So it’s one important flag! According to the 15 Stars website, they are currently distilling bourbons made with heritage corns, including a baby black corn, which sounds very interesting. Also on deck are bourbons made with heritage red, white and blue corns. While they are waiting for their own whiskeys to mature, they are sourcing and blending some older Kentucky bourbons. This 15 Stars 14 Year Fine Aged Bourbon is their first release.