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Benchmark Bonded Bourbon Review

Benchmark Bonded Bourbon Review

Please enjoy my Benchmark Bonded Bourbon review! Have you seen the “new” additions to the Benchmark bourbon line? They are: Top Floor, Small Batch, Single Barrel, Bonded and Full Proof. Today we will look at the Benchmark Bonded Bourbon. The only information available is what is on the bottle: “The Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 set strict standards for bonded whiskey. This 100 proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey aged four years to meet those standards. Enjoy the rich flavor and long smooth finish.”

Blanton's Bourbon Review

Blanton’s Bourbon Review

Please enjoy my Blanton’s Bourbon Review! The story goes that Elmer T. Lee, while culminating his tenure at Buffalo Trace Distillery (which I think was the George T. Stagg Distillery at the time), created this bourbon brand. He had recalled that Colonel (as in Kentucky Colonel, not military Colonel) Albert B. Blanton, former president of the distillery, would pick barrels from the center of Warehouse H to be served to his guests. So Elmer picked barrels from Warehouse H to be bottled and sold as the first bottled single barrel bourbon in 1984.

Benchmark Bourbon Collection

The New Benchmark Bourbon Collection

How often do we see a brand go from one “bottom shelf” bourbon to a whole new line of bourbons all at once? Not very often. But here they are, the Benchmark Bourbon Collection, 5 new bourbons all released at the same time. I was so intrigued, I had to drive to Indiana to get them!

(Old) Weller Antique Bourbon

(Old) Weller Antique Review

Whether you have had any of the Weller line of bourbons or not, it’s likely that you have heard about them. All of the Weller bourbons are wheated bourbons. Weller Antique lost the “Old” from its label, although interestingly it is still referred to as Old Weller Antique on Buffalo Trace’s website and many people still refer to it as “OWA”.

Buffalo Trace Kosher Whiskey

Buffalo Trace Distillery Announces Kosher Whiskey Release

Buffalo Trace Distillery is releasing what it believes to be the first authentic Kosher Whiskey, under the guidance of the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc-Kosher). The new whiskey is available in three styles, Kosher Rye Recipe Bourbon; Kosher Wheat Recipe Bourbon; and Kosher Straight Rye Whiskey. The three whiskies will starting shipping from Buffalo Trace after Passover ends on April 16, 2020.