Heaven Hill You Do Bourbon Review

Heaven Hill You Do Bourbon Experience Review

Please enjoy our Heaven Hill You Do Bourbon Experience Review! Our You Do Bourbon Experience started in the classroom. Each “student” took a seat in front of a set of tasting glasses, each filled with a sample of the day’s whiskeys. We had four. Also provided was a notebook, pen and small dropper bottle of water. Our guide/teacher, Herb, introduced himself and we didn’t waste any time getting right into the bourbon. After all, it was already 11:30AM and we were burning daylight!

Iron Fish Distillery Tour

Iron Fish Distillery Tour

Iron Fish Distillery was established in 2016. It is located on an historic 120 acre farm that was first inhabited back in 1887. I hope you enjoy our short Iron Fish Distillery Tour video!

Grand Traverse Distillery Tour

Grand Traverse Distillery Tour (Video)

Please enjoy our one minute long Grand Traverse Distillery Tour video! Grand Traverse is pretty much an old-timer in the craft distilling world. Owner and first distiller Kent Rabish started Grand Traverse Distillery way back in 2005, when he got the idea to open Northern Michigan’s first craft distillery. They use local grains and distill, age and bottle every spirit that carries the Grand Traverse name.

Bardstown Bourbon Company Bottling Facility - Bottling Lines

New Bardstown Bourbon Company Bottling Facility Tour

Business at Bardstown Bourbon Company is booming. This relatively new distillery located in the heart of Kentucky’s bourbon country has been filling a gaping hole in the world of bourbon since it began distilling in 2016. Bardstown has meticulously built a large portion of its business model on contract distilling; while contract distilling is certainly not new in the industry, the Company has raised the bar by offering its Custom Distillation Program. Now a non-distilling producer has almost endless options when they partner with Bardstown Bourbon to produce their product. From mashbill to yeast, fermentation time to distillation specs, and barreling to warehousing, every customer can choose their own preferences all the while being advised and supported by a company teaming with years of experience in the whiskey industry. Today, the entire process, grain to glass, can all take place on campus. Please join us on our Bardstown Bourbon Company bottling facility tour.

Casey Jones Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Casey Jones Kentucky Straight Bourbon Review

Casey Jones Distillery released their first Kentucky Straight Bourbon late November 2020. They use a very unique square pot still also known as a “square still” or “coffin still” to produce their bourbon (and moonshine). In addition, Casey Jones uses the moonshiner’s technique of mashing and fermenting all in the same tub. Now that’s efficiency!

Green River Distilling Co.

Green River Distilling Co. Virtual Tour (Video)

The Green River Distilling Co.’s story began when J.W. McCulloch began making Green River Whiskey back in 1885. Interestingly, his slogan was “The Whiskey Without A Headache”. For obvious reasons, the use of that slogan was not allowed to endure, and the current version is “Whiskey without Regrets”. Although one could dispute that one as well (sort of reminds me of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”) that’s the slogan that is used today. Let’s hope it’s true!

Old Steelhouse Distillery

Old Steelhouse Distillery Tour (Video)

The T.W. Samuels distillery originally started in 1844, then closed during prohibition, and then was rebuilt nearby in 1933. They distilled until 1952, and subsequently the distillery was used as the Samuels Springs Water Co, producing bottled water. The grounds are now being restored and will be turned into the new Old Steelhouse Distillery (formerly Old Samuels Distillery), which will house a restaurant, bar, guest cottages, and a small distillery, amongst other facilities.

First Call Rye Whiskey by IJW Whiskey Company

First Call Kentucky Straight Rye Review

The First Call Kentucky Straight Rye is bottled by the IJW Whiskey Company. Have you heard of IJW Whiskey? I didn’t think so. You are probably thinking “Hey, isn’t that a new craft distillery?” Well, no. IJW has been quietly accumulating barrels since 2016 and have about 100,000 stockpiled. We’ve noticed their warehouses quietly appear over the years along the far side of Wilderness Trail’s property, but we never really knew what or who they were.

Heaven Hill Distillery Bourbon Heritage Center

Heaven Hill Distillery Bourbon Heritage Center Tour (Video)

Heaven Hill Distillery TourBourbon Heritage Center1311 Gilkey Run Rd.Bardstown, KY Heaven Hill Distillery has been family owned and operated since 1935, and Heaven Hill Brands is America’s largest independent family-owned & operated distilled spirits company. Unlike many of the other large distilleries, visitors are not able to tour Heaven Hill’s distillery.  The main distillery, the …

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