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Jack Daniels Heritage Barrel Review

Jack Daniel’s Heritage Barrel Review

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Have you had a whiskey that completely changed your mind about a particular distillery? I certainly have! The year was 2018. For me at that time, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey represented something that I drank in my younger days… and with Coke. Then came the Jack Daniel’s Heritage Barrel. Little did I know how they had changed over the

Jack Daniel's Barrel Proof Rye Review

Jack Daniel’s Barrel Proof Rye Review

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Jack Daniel’s Barrel Proof Rye is an excellent rye. There’s a warm fuzzy feeling that can’t be denied. How the fruit flavors linger through the very long finish and at this crazy high proof for a rye is just a mystery. But a mystery I have no desire to solve. Let’s just let Jack be Jack and enjoy what they give us. As they say, “…if you know Jack, you’ll know Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye.” Maybe one day we’ll get down there again and have a little of the mystery unveiled…or maybe not.