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The Whisky Drop by Maker’s Mark Distillery

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The Whisky Drop by Maker’s Mark Distillery

The Whisky Drop is a new service from Maker’s Mark Distillery. Taking advantage of Kentucky’s recently passed House Bill 415, which allows the direct shipping of alcohol from producers directly to consumers, Maker’s Mark launched this program early this year. There is a shipment every season and each contains two bottles of bourbon, described by Maker’s as such:

“The good stuff. The new stuff. The classic stuff. The hard-to-find stuff. Delivered right to your doorstep every season. It’s such a delightfully simple concept. Maybe it’s no coincidence that The Whisky Drop by Maker’s Mark gets right back to why we started making bourbon in the first place: to share it with friends who enjoy savoring it as much as we do. Now you can savor it without even stepping off the front porch.”

Spring Shipment

This season’s bottles are:

  • Roasted French Mocha: This bourbon is finished using all Roasted French Mocha staves. The French Mocha stave is being retired, so this bourbon is a special one.
  • 2020 Spring Distillery Release MR 1-3. The MR 1-3 stave profile in this bourbon uses virgin French Oak staves.

As you can see from my video, Maker’s does a fantastic job with the packaging. It’s more of a display case than a box and makes for a beautiful presentation.

“Sign me up!” I can hear you saying. Maker’s started small and this service is currently at capacity, and is only available in Kentucky and Washington, D.C. I understand Kentucky, but I’m not sure why they picked D.C? Maybe the folks at Maker’s felt that it was in their best interest to keep our nation’s leaders happy.🤷🏻‍♂️ Seems like a wise move! I assume they are starting small to work out the bugs, and that availability will expand in the future.


With direct to consumer shipping under HB 415 come some new taxes for consumers. An 11% wholesale tax and a state excise tax are added on top of the local sales tax. That was a bit unexpected, but this information has since been added to the website.

In Conclusion

So far I am enjoying what the Whisky Drop by Maker’s Mark Distillery has sent me. The first (Winter 2021) shipment included the RC6 and SE4-PR5, the two limited releases from 2020.

I really enjoy Maker’s Wood Finishing series. What about you? Cheers!🥃

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