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Wildcatter Bourbon Review

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Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
90 proof
8 years old
Bottled by Elite Brands of Fairfield, CA

This Wildcatter Bourbon is a bottle we picked up a few years back, and for some reason I am just getting around to opening it now. It was around $30 back then; pretty reasonable for an 8 year old bourbon. A quick search on Google shows that it goes for around $35 now at our local Total Wine, and it looks like the label has been revised. I did just find a bottle on sale for $25, so there are some deals out there.

There is not much information around about this bourbon except that it is an 8 year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, and that it was bottled by Elite Brands in Fairfield, CA. We have no idea who in Kentucky distilled it. Honestly I can’t really match it up with a distillery, but if I had to guess, I would go with Buffalo Trace. It does have some of the flavors I associate with that distillery, and particularly with whiskeys like Ancient Age.

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Brand Background

There’s a little blurb on the label about how Wildcatter Bourbon was introduced in the early 1950’s by a William “Billy” Banks, who was a “Texas oil tycoon” “nicknamed ‘King of the Wildcatters'”. This bourbon is apparently a revival of that brand. It is not clear if this is a one shot venture or if it will be an enduring product. Since it is not listed on Elite Brands‘ website, and there actually doesn’t seem to be any Elite Brands in Fairfield, CA, I am guessing that when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Let’s taste it:

Wildcatter Bourbon is actually quite enjoyable. I was looking for something on the lighter side to sip outside on yesterday’s beautiful September afternoon. This bourbon packs plenty of caramel, honey, sweet, light green apples, honeydew and smokiness. Some of the reviews out there mention apricot, and I wouldn’t have said that myself, but I agree that it is in there. It’s an easy sipper that was exactly what I was looking for and a very pleasant surprise.

Stay safe you all. Cheers!🥃

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