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Wilderness Trail 6 Year Old Bourbon

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Wilderness Trail 6 year old bourbon

Wilderness Trail 6 Year Old Bottled in Bond Bourbon

100 Proof

I’ve been a huge fan of Wilderness Trail Distillery since their first bourbon release, a single barrel bottled-in-bond wheated bourbon, back in April 2018. That was soon followed by the Settlers Select Rye Whiskey later that year. In April 2019 came a small batch bottled-in-bond bourbon, using rye rather than wheat in the mashbill. Now it is time for the release of the Wilderness Trail 6 year old bourbon.

The Wilderness Trail 6 year old bourbon, which is being released Monday June 8, is also a bottled-in-bond single barrel bourbon made using the wheated bourbon mashbill. Since this bourbon was produced in Wilderness Trail’s early days, it was distilled on their first still which is a 250 gallon Vendome hybrid pot still. Since then, two continuous column stills (both 40 feet tall, 18 and 36 inches in diameter) have been added, allowing for a significant increase in production capacity. The original still is now used mainly for distilling their Harvest Rum and for the third distillation of their vodka.

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Tasting Notes

~Nose: green apple, hint of cherries, brown sugar, cocoa, and light leather. Alcohol is noticeable but not overpowering
~Taste: full mouthfeel with tea, some honey sweetness, oak and char
~Finish: malted barley, barrel char and oak linger for a fairly long finish with a mild burn

I compared the 6 year bourbon with the 4-5 year wheated bourbon, and there is a noticeable difference. The younger bourbon is relatively light in comparison, and the flavors have become more mature in the 6 year, with the sweetness decreasing. The particular Single Barrel I compared it to has a maple oatmeal character to it that I am really enjoying, but I digress…

Overall, it has definitely been worth the wait for this 6 year old bourbon. Unfortunately, for many people the wait may not be over, since quantities are limited. For now, it is available only by online pre-order at the distillery. The initial bottle allocation sold out quickly, but more bottles are on the way, so keep checking the website. Stay safe you all. Cheers!🥃

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