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Wilderness Trail Four Grain Bourbon Review

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Wilderness Trail Four Grain Bourbon Review
Wilderness Trail Distillery
Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey
6 Year Old
Cask Strength
110 Proof
Pink Label
$250 (with all proceeds going to Wilderness Trail Distillery’s cancer fund)

Please enjoy my Wilderness Trail Four Grain Bourbon Review!

Wilderness Trail Four Grain Bourbon & The “Cancer Series”

Wilderness Trail Four Grain Bourbon is the distillery’s latest release. This limited edition bourbon was available for purchase at their holiday open house, and it is part of their cancer series.

The folks at Wilderness Trail Distillery have had prior releases to support families impacted by cancer, notably the F*ck Cancer bottles which had included the famous 15 year old Willett Bourbon purchased at the Bourbon Crusaders’ American Cancer Society benefit in 2018 and then aged another year at Wilderness Trail. There were other whiskeys also released in this series.

Why a Four Grain Bourbon?

Like many things in bourbon, this was not planned. Back in 2015, when the distillery was changing over from their rye bourbon mash bill to their wheated bourbon mash bill, they found themselves with only enough rye left to make half a batch. So instead of using the usual 24% rye in the mash bill, this one uses 12% of each rye and wheat for a mash bill of 64% corn, 12% rye, 12% wheat and 12% malted barley. The Four Grain Bourbon was barreled at 110 proof and bottled at cask strength, which is also coincidentally 110 proof. This represents the first barrel ever made of a four grain whiskey from Wilderness Trail Distillery.

Tasting Notes

So what’s it like? Well, I found it the Four Grain Bourbon a bit different from the bourbons made from their usual mash bills. The nose has lots of fruit – tangerine and dark stone fruits like plums; brown sugar, oak, & a bit of raisin. The taste is a bit drier than one would expect, but there’s honey sweetness, some graininess, toast and raisin and a long finish with oak, char and lingering raisin.

Closing Facts

The Wilderness Trail Four Grain Bourbon bottle features a pink label and neck band and is priced at $250. All proceeds will go to Wilderness Trail’s cancer charity fund. Right now this bourbon is in very limited supply, but don’t worry. More barrels of four grain whiskey are currently aging and will be available in a few years. So mark your calendars!😁 Are you a fan of Wilderness Trail’s whiskeys? Cheers!🥃

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I hope you enjoyed my Wilderness Trail Four Grain Bourbon Review!

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