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Woodford Reserve Distillery Tour (Video)

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Woodford Reserve Distillery Tour Video

Woodford Reserve Distillery
59 Second Video Tour

We had a great visit and a fantastic Woodford Reserve Distillery tour a couple of weeks ago! It’s a beautiful place and very old school. Please enjoy this 59 second video tour.

Woodford Reserve Distillery 59 Second Video Tour

While the Woodford Reserve brand was not born until 1996, the land that it sits on has a distilling history which dates back to 1812 when Elijah Pepper first began distilling here on his farm. Later on, in the early to mid-1800’s, James Crow and Oscar Pepper ran the show and during that time were credited with developing the sour mash process. History suggests that this process was used and even published prior to Crow, but none-the-less he helped perfect it and use it on a relatively large scale. The distillery was sold to Labrot & Graham in 1872, then to Brown-Forman (the owner of Woodford Reserve) in 1940.

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