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Woodford Reserve Three Grain Whiskey

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Woodford Distillery Series Three Grain

Woodford Reserve Distillery Series
Three Grain
Kentucky Blended Whiskey

The Woodford Reserve Three Grain is part of the Woodford Reserve Distillery Series, a collection of limited releases that are only available at the distillery, and at some Kentucky retailers. The series includes the Double Double Oaked (2019, 2017 & 2015), Barrel Finished Rye (2018), the Sweet Mash Redux (2015), Frosty Four Wood (2015) Bottled in Bond (2018), Three Grain (2019), Five Malt (2019), Blended Rye (2017), Toasted Oak Rye (2017), French Oak Cask Finished Rye (2017) and the latest release, the Five Wood (2020).

Woodford Reserve Three Grain

The Woodford Reserve Distillery Series Three Grain Whiskey is a blend of bourbon, malt and rye whiskeys. The whiskeys are aged in both new and used charred American White Oak. That’s really all I know about it. The strange thing about these whiskeys is how little information is available about them. Woodford Reserve’s website only lists four different ones from the Distillery Series (the double oak is listed twice), with no mention at all of the others, including this one.

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Tasting Notes

Proof: 90.4
Age: NAS, so presumably the youngest whiskey in the blend is over 4 years old.

~Nose: Vanilla, lightly burnt caramel, oak, light leather and baking spices, honey and light raisin

~Taste: Medium bodied mouthfeel, mild honey, oak, black tea

~Finish: Honey sweetness and tea continue into the finish, some barrel char and mild astringency come forward, fairly long but mild finish, with little burn

In conclusion

This is an interesting whiskey. There are noticeable characteristics of each of the components, with some obvious bourbon flavors and subtle rye flavors balanced by the malt which gives it some extra body. Even though I let it rest for 20 minutes before trying it, over the time I was tasting it the flavors and body were still becoming more pronounced. This is a freshly opened bottle, which might explain the continuous changes. I can’t find any reviews about this online so I don’t know what anyone else has thought about it. If you’ve tried it, please let me know your thoughts over on my Instagram or Facebook pages!

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