A. Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey – Press Release

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The James B. Beam Distilling Co. announced the latest release in the Overholt rye line: A. Overholt Monongahela Mash Straight Rye Whiskey! Made with an 18th century mash bill, the rye should have characteristics of that bygone era. Read the full press release to learn more!



A. Overholt pays homage to its heritage with a fully balanced, robust and complex American rye available nationwide today. A. Overholt Monongahela Mash Straight Rye Whiskey.

Clermont, Kentucky (April 10, 2024) – Today, Overholt™, the longest-standing American whiskey brand maintained continuously since 1810, announced its newest release, A. Overholt shepherding the newest evolution of Pennsylvania Rye imbued with heritage and legacy. Reintroducing consumers to one of the first styles of American whiskey, Overholt™ is reclaiming its stature as one of the most iconic rye whiskey brands by redefining the breadth and future of rye. A. Overholt uses the same mashbill Overholt™ founder, Abraham Overholt used in 1810 – 80% rye grain and 20% soft malted barley – creating a fully warm yet deep spice, similar to rye whiskey from the 1800’s.

Overholt Forges On

Since inception, Overholt™ has forged forward through every era, including being one of the only spirits brands to survive prohibition, with the same clarity and tenacity Abraham Overholt had when crafting in 1810. Today, Freddie Noe, 8th Generation Master Distiller of the Fred B. Noe Distillery at The James B. Beam Distilling Co. champions the legacy, propelling the brand forward through the rebirth of this whiskey’s iconic legacy liquid, A. Overholt – Pennsylvania born, Kentucky made. 

“With over 200 years of exceptional craftmanship, Overholt™ is engrained in American history with its industrial roots and as a spirit that has set the industry standard since inception,” said Freddie Noe. “The newest launch of A. Overholt is the result of highly crafted whiskey, informed and inspired by generational expertise, and I’m honored to steward this brand forward while paying homage to its past and our shared commitment to American whiskey innovation.”

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Overholt – A Keystone of Rye Whiskey

The Overholt™ brand is known as A Keystone of American Rye Whiskey because of the shared qualities between Abe and The Keystone State itself: hard work, steely grit, big ideas, firm conviction, and its long-standing industrious spirit. It’s this conviction that drove Abraham Overholt forward – through wars, prohibition, cultural strife, and plenty of double shifts. Its indomitable spirit has remained resilient despite various changes in ownership and production throughout the years, including a change in hands to Abraham’s own grandson, American industrialist Henry Clay Frick. Today, the Pennsylvania-born whiskey of the Industrial Revolution is produced in Clermont, Kentucky at the James B. Beam Distilling Co., where the rich tradition of American production lives on.

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The Overholt Rye Portfolio

A. Overholt joins the ranks of this beloved, and trade favorite portfolio currently consisting of Old Overholt 4YO, Old Overholt 4YO Bottled in Bond, and Old Overholt Extra Aged Cask Strength. Enjoy A. Overholt neat or on the rocks or in a cocktail such as the Perfect Manhattan or Scofflaw to experience the boldness and versatility of the newest expression. A. Overholt will be available nationwide across the U.S., in-store and find a bottle near you on OverholtRye.com bottle locator, beginning April 2024.


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Tasting Notes From The Brand
  • COLOR – Clover Honey
  • AROMA – Caramel, subtle layers of sandalwood and caraway
  • TASTE – Brown butter, honeysuckle, clove, seasoned oak
  • FINISH – Pleasant, Lingering notes of warm rich baking spice

About Overholt

Overholt™ is one of the longest-standing US whiskey brands in American history. Originally created in West Overton, Pennsylvania and established in 1810 by its namesake Abraham Overholt, the brand pays homage with its new A. Overholt Monongahela Mash – our first foray back to our roots with a Pennsylvania Style-inspired classic rye. As A Keystone of American Whiskey, its tenacious spirit has remained resilient throughout history’s changing landscape and consumer tastes with an unbroken chain of ownership and sale since its inception. Today, the Pennsylvania-born whiskey that’s existed for more than two centuries is produced in Clermont, Kentucky at the James B. Beam Distilling Co., where its rich tradition of American production lives on.

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