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Have you ever wondered where every distillery in Kentucky is located or what a visit to a particular one might be like?  Could you use a few tips to get the most out of your distillery visits?  Are you interested in learning more about bourbon and distilleries?  Well, you can find all that and more on  BourbonObsessed.com! You can use our interactive map to locate ALL the licensed Kentucky distilleries.   The map is color coded so that you can quickly see which distilleries have tours, those that only offer tastings, which distilleries make spirits other than bourbon, and those that are strictly production facilities with no tours offered.  We are currently in the process of visiting all Kentucky distilleries, to let you know what to expect if you go, or to make you feel like you visited if you can’t do so yourself.

We also visit out of state distilleries and reviews of those visits are also included on bourbonobsessed.com.  Are you interested in bourbon reviews? We also have plenty of those in our Bourbon Reviews & Tasting Notes section. In addition, we share our tasting notes with you on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  So to see it all, you can also follow us on Facebook @BourbonObsessed and Instagram @Bourbon_Obsessed to get the latest bourbon news and updates, as well as posts about our most recent distillery visits, and definitely don’t miss out on what bourbons we’re tasting.  Cheers!

Who We Are

Ed at Lux Row Distillers


Ed lives in Kentucky. He is an Executive Bourbon Steward of the Stave & Thief Society, as well as a member of the Lexington Bourbon Society, the Kentucky Black Bourbon Guild, the Bourbon Capital Guild and Kentucky Bourbon Influencers. He loves visiting distilleries, tasting bourbon and learning the history of the people, brands and companies that have made bourbon what it is today.

Karen - Ripy House


Karen also lives in Kentucky. Karen equally enjoys visiting distilleries and learning their unique histories.  She is also fascinated by the science of distillation.  Luckily for Ed, Karen does not drink, so she makes an exceptional designated driver!

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