Boundary Oak Distillery Tour Review

Boundary Oak Distillery was founded in 2013 and is now located in Radcliff, KY. They make bourbons and moonshines, and also have onsite events on their large property. Learn all about them in our review!
Boundary Oak Distillery
2000 Boundary Oak Drive 
Radcliff, Kentucky 40160 
Tour / Review

Please enjoy our Boundary Oak Distillery Tour review!

Why The Name Boundary Oak?

Boundary Oak Distillery gets its name from a large oak tree on owner and master distiller Brent Goodin’s family farm. At the base of this tree is a natural limestone spring, whose water is used to make Boundary Oak moonshine, bourbon and amber. This farm was the original site of the distillery before it moved into its expansive facility in the city of Radcliff, Kentucky. 

Visiting Boundary Oak Distillery

There is more than ample parking at the distillery, which sits on a hill above town.  A few hotels are located just a short walk away at the bottom of the hill. That’s perfect for those who want to spend the night after visiting the distillery.  

Boundary Oak Distillery Front Glass
Boundary Oak Distillery Front Glass
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Let’s Take A Look Around

Upon entering Boundary Oak Distillery, we found ourselves in a large, open space.  The distilling area is at the far end, easily seen through large glass windows. To our right is the cocktail and tasting bar. To the left is a small room where there is an exhibit of some of the wood from the boundary oak which was reportedly a boundary marker on the Sinking Spring Farm where Abraham Lincoln was born.

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The Boundary Oak and Limited Edition Lincoln Bourbon

It is wood from this tree which is used to make the corks in the limited release version of Boundary Oak’s Lincoln Straight Bourbon Whiskey, released back in 2018.  This oak is not the one which is the distillery’s namesake, and it was not cut down to make these corks; it died in 1976.  The special release Boundary Oak Lincoln Bourbon was a wheated bourbon. The bottle came in an engraved walnut box with a copy of Lincoln’s 1833 liquor license and an uncirculated Kentucky penny originally released in Hodgenville in 2009 as part of the nation’s Lincoln Bicentennial.  As an interesting piece of presidential trivia, Abraham Lincoln was the only president to have owned a liquor license, according to Distillery Trail.

Lincoln Boundary Oak Exhibit
Lincoln Boundary Oak Exhibit
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Boundary Oak Distillery Tours

Tours were self-guided when we first visited, and included viewing a film that starts at the bottom of each hour. Today, all tours are guided and 15 minutes long, and also still include the film. Tours with a tasting cost $10 per person, and are free for those underage or who do not wish to taste. As of October 2023, tours are offered Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm and on Sunday from 12-pm. As luck would have it, on our first visit, we arrived just as owner and master distiller, Brent Goodin, was beginning a tour. So we got to tag along and learn about the distillery from the man himself.

Boundary Oak Distillery - Owner/Master Distiller Brent Goodin
Boundary Oak Distillery – Owner/Master Distiller Brent Goodin

We caught up with the tour inside the distillery, at the stills. The group we joined was made up of people visiting from New Zealand. Brent had kindly agreed to show them around. Being from elsewhere, they had very limited prior experience with bourbon. Therefore, the tour focused only on the basics of bourbon and a walk through of the distillery, although Brent was very happy to answer questions along the way. We usually extensively inquire about the fine details, but that did not seem appropriate since we were interlopers on this tour. So, some details are lacking and we’ll fill those in on our next visit.

The Stills, Mash Tun, Bottling and Barreling

Our first stop was Boundary Oak’s stills, which at the time were large and small hybrid stills; one of which may be used as a doubler. They have since been replaced by a column still and doubler. The stills live behind glass in the aforementioned room across the large open area from the main entrance.

Still & Doubler
Still & Doubler (2019) (Since replaced with column still and doubler)

The next stop was the large mash tun (cooker). It has a wooden plank exterior and plastic interior. Grain enters via a large tube at the top and mash exits via a tube at the bottom.  The bottling line was not in use when we visited, so other items were stored in the area.  There is a 6 bottle capacity filler for filling the tall bottles used for products such as the Lincoln Bourbon, the Patton Armored Diesel and Cinnful.  Our last stop was the barrel room where, as one might guess, barrels are stored. Additional barrel storage may be off-site.

Mash Tun - Boundary Oak Distillery Tour Review
Mash Tun (2019) – Boundary Oak Distillery Tour Review
The Tasting / Cocktail Bar

We finished at the tasting / cocktail bar where we were given samples of some of Boundary Oak’s spirits. The tasting bar has since been remodeled, as well. The spirits offered included Patton Armored Diesel (a cane spirit finished in bourbon barrels), Kentucky 101 Proof Moonshine, Cinnful 69 (a cane spirit with natural cinnamon flavor), and Lincoln Straight Bourbon Whiskey (not the version with the Lincoln oak cork, nor a wheated bourbon).  Afterwards, Brent was kind enough to give us a Lavender Mint Julep, made with Boundary Oak’s new (at the time) lavender bourbon, which was the drink made at Boundary Oak for Derby Day in 2019.  If you are so inclined, additional cocktails made with Boundary Oak’s spirits are available at the cocktail bar for purchase. An outdoor seating area and event space are also available.

Tasting / Cocktail Bar - Boundary Oak Distillery Tour
Tasting / Cocktail Bar (2019) – Boundary Oak Distillery Tour
It Was A Great Visit

Overall, we had a great visit to Boundary Oak Distillery, made special by getting to meet and be shown around by Brent Goodin himself. However, from looking at their website, it seems a lot has changed since we visited in 2019, so it is definitely time for a return visit! If you find yourself in the Radcliff / Elizabethtown area, definitely stop on by and check them out!

We hope you have enjoyed our Boundary Oak Distillery Tour review! Would you like to read about a couple of other distilleries? Then check out our Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour Review and our Maker’s Mark Distillery Tour Review!

Original visit: May 2019 Updated: October 2023

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