Bourbon News – February 23, 2024

Let's take a look at this week's distillery, whiskey and bourbon news for February 23, 2024! Here are the headlines: A new distillery is announced in Madison County, KY; Refinement to Kentucky's Vintage Spirits Law; Stranahan's opens the Whiskey Lodge; New releases from Maverick, Hood River and Casey Jones

I hope you enjoy this short recap of notable Distillery, Whiskey & Bourbon News from the past week. If you want to learn more about any entry, then simply follow the links to read the full press release and other sources. Read on for the Whiskey & Bourbon News for February 23, 2024! Cheers!

But first, let’s revisit a story from a prior newsletter….

A couple of weeks ago I had mentioned 2 new whiskeys from Redwood Empire Distilling. I had posted my review of one of them in last week’s newsletter. This week I’ll share my review of the second, Foggy Burl Single Malt Whiskey.

Redwood Empire Foggy Burl Single Malt Review (Bottle photo: Redwood Empire Distilling) - Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – February 23, 2024

Redwood Empire Foggy Burl Single Malt, part of the new Small Lot Series, is a complex blend of seven different malts, offering a balance of sweetness from lighter malts and tannins from darker ones. This American Single Malt, which differs significantly from those of Ireland and Scotland, provides a very enjoyable pour with plenty of flavor that doesn’t stray too far in any one direction. Learn more about it in my full review!

Now, on to the news!

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – February 23, 2024

Palisades Whiskey Co Distillery Planned For Madison County

Another week, another new distillery announcement! This one is from Kaley Cuoco’s (of Big Bang Theory and Priceline commercial fame) ex-husband, Karl Cook, an equestrian show jumper and son of the founder of Intuit. He is planning to build a small scale distillery in Madison County along the Kentucky River, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. Cook is a big bourbon fan, a fact I became aware of when I had heard that the couple visited Wilderness Trail Distillery a number of years back. The permitting is pending, but if it is approved and constructed, the distillery will be called Palisades Whiskey Co. Distillery. The distillery is planned to produce about 2000 barrels per year using grains grown on their own on-site farm. The distillery will have solar power, three rickhouses and a visitor center.

But wait – this just in! According to, at the Madison County Board of Adjustments meeting last night the board voted unanimously to table the request for a conditional use permit due to neighbors’ concerns over “whiskey fungus”, known formally as Baudoinia compniacensis. The board may vote on the request again next month.

Full story at the Lexington Herald-Leader (paywall):

Follow up at

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – February 23, 2024

More Refinements to Kentucky’s Vintage Spirits Law on the Way

Kentucky’s Vintage Spirits Law allows private individuals to sell “vintage” spirits to authorized retailers. Individuals can sell up to 24 bottles per year, and the retailers have to file appropriate paperwork and label the bottles. According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, a bill currently in process will refine this law further and add penalties for those that don’t comply. The first offense of buying or selling over 24 bottles in a year would be Class A misdemeanor, and subsequent offenses would be a Class D felony, with both convictions including potential time in jail. Also included in the bill would be required special licensing for retailers and bars, and additional reporting requirements. Lastly, the bill also includes a provision for the Kentucky ABC to auction off seized spirits after a final ruling.

Full story at the Lexington Herald-Leader (paywall):

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – February 23, 2024

And in Colorado:

Stranahan's Whiskey Lodge in Aspen, CO Photo Credit: Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey - Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – February 23, 2024
Stranahan’s Whiskey Lodge in Aspen, CO (Photo Credit: Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey)
Stranahan’s to open Whiskey Lodge in Aspen

Stranahan’s, the Colorado distillery known for their American Single Malts, is opening a new venue in Aspen, CO! For their 20th anniversary, the distillery (located in Denver, CO) is going back to where it all began. It turns out that the founders of Stranahan’s met in Aspen, when one of them, who was a volunteer firefighter, helped extinguish a fire that started in the other’s barn. They developed a friendship over a shared interest, and the rest is history.

Stranahan’s Whiskey Lodge, as it will be called, will open March 9, 2024. It will be open daily from noon until 10pm. Cocktails, as well as neat pours of Stranahan’s whiskeys will be available, including flights of their famed annual release, Snowflake. There will be also be a made for sharing food menu which will include seasonal items such as Colorado Lamb Flatbread, Whiskey Smoked Wagyu Brisket, and Pork Schnitzel Meatballs. To top if all off, a special Stranahan’s American Single Malt Whiskey finished in Calvados Casks, will only be available at the Whiskey Lodge.

This all sounds great to me! I’m planning my Aspen trip now!

Link to the press release:

Link to the Stranahan’s Whiskey Lodge website:

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – February 23, 2024

And, we’ll finish with some new whiskey announcements

  • Maverick Distilling of San Antonio, TX, is releasing a limited-edition Samuel Maverick Double Barrel Bourbon Rodeo Edition in celebration of the San Antonio Rodeo. The bourbon is pot-distilled from a mash bill of 72% Texas-grown corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley, aged 2-3 years and finished for 18 months in barrels previously used to mature Samuel Maverick Private Reserve Bourbon Whiskey. It is bottled at barrel strength of 115 proof. There are 108 bottles, available only at the distillery, at a price of $75 per bottle, while supplies last. Unfortunately, I am a little late seeing this – bottle sales began on February 8, so check availability before you go! (link to press release)
  • Hood River Distillers, in Hood River, OR, releases the Forthwest Whiskey Portfolio. In includes 3 flavored and 1 unflavored whiskey, all bottled at 80 proof. They are: Shiny Apple, Giant Peach, Spice of Life and one 5-Year-Old Blended Canadian Whisky, called simply Forthwest Whiskey. The flavored whiskeys are described as: “proprietary blends of natural flavors that combine with an exceptional three-year-old Canadian whisky to craft an exciting portfolio of flavored whiskies that will set a new standard for flavor and quality in whisky.” Each is priced at $29.95 for a 700ml bottle. (link to press release)
  • Casey Jones Distillery in Hopkinsville, KY has released Total Eclipse Kentucky Straight Bourbon and re-released Total Eclipse Moonshine in honor of the upcoming solar eclipse. During the total eclipse of 2017, Casey Jones released their first Total Eclipse Moonshine when thousands of skygazers gathered on the distillery grounds to view the eclipse. Total Eclipse Bourbon is new for this event and is a four grain bourbon with a mash bill of 75% corn, 10% wheat, 10% rye & 5% malted barley, aged a minimum of 2 years and bottled at 100 proof. The bourbon and moonshine are available for purchase online for $49.99 and $29.99, respectively, as well as at retail stores in select states. There will be an eclipse viewing event again this year at the distillery on April 8, as well as a special single barrel release on April 6. You can learn all about the distillery in our Casey Jones Distillery Visit & Tour Review. (link to Casey Jones Total Eclipse website)

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – February 23, 2024

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