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Wheat Whiskey Showdown

Wheat Whiskey Showdown - Bernheim Original vs Woodford Reserve Wheat Whiskeys
Wheat whiskey is similar to bourbon, except the dominant grain (at least 51%) is wheat, rather than corn. We compare two readily available wheat whiskeys from major Kentucky Distillers - Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey from Heaven Hill and Woodford Reserve Wheat Whiskey

Little Book Bourbon Chapter 3 Review

Little Book Chapter 3

Little BookChapter 3The Road HomeKentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey2019 ReleaseJames B. Beam Distilling Co122.6 ProofReview Please enjoy my Little Book Bourbon Chapter 3 review! Buy Little Book Chapter 3 Bourbon on Frootbat! Aptly named, this is the third release in the…

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