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Balcones Mirador Eclipse Review

Balcones Mirador Total Eclipse Texas Single Malt review Bottle Photo: Balcones Distilling
To commemorate the recent total solar eclipse, Balcones Distilling has released a special version of their Mirador Single Malt - Mirador Total Eclipse. Fermented using special yeast strains, and aged longer, it has a wonderful balance of flavors. Read on to learn all about it!

Beer Finished Whiskey is Foundation of Collaboration Between Indie Whiskey Producer, Oak & Eden, and Craft Brewer, Rahr & Sons

Oak & Eden Beer Finished Whiskey
Dallas-based indie whiskey producer, Oak & Eden has announced the upcoming release of their third small batch creation, The Ale Series, a two-part product collaboration with Rahr & Sons Brewery (Fort Worth, TX) to create Rahr Soaked Malted Oak and Rahr Soaked Hopped Oak. As with all products in the Oak & Eden lineup, these collaborative expressions begin with Oak & Eden's fully aged whiskey before they are finished with their patented "spire" — a 5" long spiral cut piece of wood that finishes the whiskey in the bottle, as opposed to a secondary barrel.
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