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Videos of bourbon distillery visits and bourbon distillery tours.

Iron Fish Distillery Tour

Iron Fish Distillery Tour
Iron Fish Distillery was established in 2016. It is located on an historic 120 acre farm that was first inhabited back in 1887. I hope you enjoy our short Iron Fish Distillery Tour video!

Grand Traverse Distillery Tour (Video)

Grand Traverse Distillery Tour
Please enjoy our one minute long Grand Traverse Distillery Tour video! Grand Traverse is pretty much an old-timer in the craft distilling world. Owner and first distiller Kent Rabish started Grand Traverse Distillery way back in 2005, when he got the idea to open Northern Michigan's first craft distillery. They use local grains and distill, age and bottle every spirit that carries the Grand Traverse name.

Green River Distilling Co. Virtual Tour (Video)

Green River Distilling Co.
The Green River Distilling Co.'s story began when J.W. McCulloch began making Green River Whiskey back in 1885. Interestingly, his slogan was "The Whiskey Without A Headache". For obvious reasons, the use of that slogan was not allowed to endure, and the current version is "Whiskey without Regrets". Although one could dispute that one as well (sort of reminds me of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas") that's the slogan that is used today. Let's hope it's true!

Old Steelhouse Distillery Tour (Video)

Old Steelhouse Distillery
The T.W. Samuels distillery originally started in 1844, then closed during prohibition, and then was rebuilt nearby in 1933. They distilled until 1952, and subsequently the distillery was used as the Samuels Springs Water Co, producing bottled water. The grounds are now being restored and will be turned into the new Old Steelhouse Distillery (formerly Old Samuels Distillery), which will house a restaurant, bar, guest cottages, and a small distillery, amongst other facilities.

Woodford Double Double Oaked Bourbon Review

Woodford Double Double Oaked 2020
The Woodford Double Double Oaked Bourbon is a recurring limited release bourbon that is part of Woodford Reserve’s Distillery series. First appearing in 2015, this bourbon has been released a few times since then, the most recent release being now, January 2021. I have really enjoyed this bourbon in the past, so I had to get a couple of bottles of this latest release, which states on its label a bottling date of 2020.

Southern Grace Distilleries Tour

Southern Grace Distilleries Tour - AKA Whiskey Prison
I have seen distilleries and breweries in repurposed banks, jails and even churches. However I have never seen an entire prison converted into a distillery! That's what they have done in Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina, at Southern Grace Distilleries, and it's really cool!

Limestone Branch Distillery Tour

Limestone Branch Distillery Tour
Last Friday we stopped by Limestone Branch Distillery. It had been a while since I was last there. The last time I had seen Stephen Fante, their Whiskey Ambassador Extraordinaire, he had told me that they had doubled their capacity, so I was eager to see what was going on. Limestone branch is a small operation, so by doubling their capacity they went from producing one barrel of whiskey a day to two, but that's still cool!

Barton 1792 Distillery Tour (Video)

Barton 1792 Distillery Tour
We recently visited the Barton 1792 Distillery. Like Buffalo Trace, this Sazarac owned distillery also does not charge for their tours, which is very cool. It's a great place to visit, and although they, like the Buffalo Trace Distillery, are not technically on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the Barton 1792 Distillery Tour should definitely be included in everyone's itinerary.

Bardstown Bourbon Company From Distillate to Barrel Tour

Bardstown Bourbon Company From Distillate to Barrel Tour
We recently took the Bardstown Bourbon Company From Distillate to Barrel Tour. I really enjoy visiting the Bardstown Bourbon Company so I was very happy when they opened back up to visitors again in July. You might remember seeing my post that month when we had lunch there on my birthday and did the Honey Spot Thieving Flight Tour/Tasting? That was a fun time!