Eggo Nog or Bourbon Flavored Dr. Pepper

Eggo Nog or Bourbon Flavored Dr. Pepper - The choice is yours! These two limited releases are sure to add a little fun to your Fall! Read on to learn more!

Eggo Nog or Bourbon Flavored Dr. Pepper – The choice is yours!

‘Tis the Season….

…for some interesting new beverages. These two are just a little too interesting, so I had to share. Last week we heard about Eggo Nog, and this week it is the new bourbon flavored Dr. Pepper. Check out excepts of the press releases below if you want to learn more. Unfortunately, it looks like the Bourbon Flavored Dr. Pepper is only available through an on-line lottery, so it doesn’t seem like something you can just go out and try. That’s too bad, though, because now that I know about both of these, I really want to try them! What about you? Cheers!🥃

Fansville Reserve – Bourbon Flavored Dr. Pepper

Dr Pepper revealed today (10/17/2022) the latest limited-edition indulgence: Dr Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve. As part of the brand’s strong connection to college football, the new Dr Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve is a non-alcoholic beverage inspired by the tailgate and crafted for fans with flavor that evokes sweet, savory, and woody notes with subtle hints of cherry, vanilla, chocolate and caramel depending on the sipper that are sure to delight the palate.

Launched in time for consumers to enjoy while cheering on their favorite team this football season, Dr Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve is the perfect ready-to-tailgate treat that fans deserve. The only way consumers can get their hands on a can to try at home is by logging in or enrolling in the Pepper Perks program1 and then partaking in an exciting game of scratch-to-win on the Dr Pepper website where deserving fans have a chance to win various exciting prizes, including one can of the new Dr Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve. The limited time offering is only available while supplies last.

Eggo Nog

A delicious, Eggo-Inspired cream liqueur to help grownups L’ Eggo during the holiday season

During the chaos of the holidays, parents need a moment to themselves more than ever. Eggo® heard from parents that one of their favorite times to enjoy Eggo® Waffles is during their ‘evening me time,’ when the kids have gone to bed, and they can finally relax and enjoy it in peace. That insight inspired Eggo to create Eggo Nog, a rich and delicious eggnog liqueur to elevate parents’ free time and give grownups a unique way to L’Eggo of the holiday stress this season.

Made in partnership with craft distillery Sugarlands Distilling Co. out of Gatlinburg, Tenn., Eggo Nog Appalachian Sippin’ Cream is a decadent rum-based liqueur with cinnamon and nutmeg flavor notes. To make for an even more delicious experience, it pairs perfectly with Eggo Thick & Fluffy waffles to help keep you feeling cozy (and perhaps slightly toasted) all winter long.

Would you like to learn more about distilleries and bourbon? Are you planning a trip to Kentucky Distilleries? Maybe you would like to live the bourbon life vicariously through us?? If any of these are true, then check out today!

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