Four Roses Small Batch Select to be released April 17, 2019 in KY

Great News! (If you live in or near Kentucky, that is) Four Roses Small Batch Select will be released in Kentucky on April 17, and in other markets soon after that. Unfortunately, it seems that it will initially be released in “controlled quantities”. However, as it is a permanent addition to the lineup, hopefully it will be readily available after not too long. It will reportedly be available at the Four Roses gift shops on the day of release.

If you are interested, here is the original Press Release:

Four Roses to Extend Permanent Lineup with New Bourbon
Non-chill filtered Small Batch Select to launch this spring

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. –The fourth rose is being added to Four Roses’ permanent lineup of Bourbons. The introduction of Four Roses Small Batch Select will be the distillery’s first permanent product-line extension in
more than 12 years, joining Four Roses Single Barrel, Four Roses Small Batch and Four Roses Bourbon.

Non-chill filtered and bottled at a 104 proof, Small Batch Select will launch this spring in Kentucky, New York, California, Texas and Georgia. It will be available in additional locations in the future.

“We wanted to add something to our lineup that brings that pure experience you get with a non-chill filtered Bourbon, while also showcasing some of our recipes and flavors that aren’t as forward facing in our other existing bottles,” said Master Distiller Brent Elliott.

While details of which Bourbon recipes Elliott selected for Small Batch Select will be announced this spring, Elliott said each will be a six and seven-year-old Bourbon.

On the nose, Four Roses Small Batch Select offers raspberries, clove and nutmeg. As it hits the palate, it opens into flavors of apricot, ripe berries, vanilla and light oak. The finish lingers with notes of spearmint and a touch of cinnamon.

“Small Batch Select certainly can be one of your special occasion Bourbons, but we want it to be more accessible so you don’t hesitate to open up that bottle and enjoy it any time,” Elliott said. “I am particularly proud of this Bourbon, as it is the biggest addition to the storied history of Four Roses since I became Master Distiller.”

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