Golden Sheaf Port Finished Bourbon Review

Golden Sheaf Port Finished Bourbon is the first foray into finished whiskey for Golden Sheaf. It is a blend of two 8 year and one 7 year bourbon, finished in port casks for 6 months. Read our review to find out what it's like!

Golden Sheaf
Finished Blended Series
Whiskey Batch #1
Bourbon Finished in Tropasti Port Casks
115 proof
MSRP: $125

Please enjoy our Golden Sheaf Port Finished Bourbon Review!

Golden Sheaf Is An Historic Nebraska Brand

Golden Sheaf is an historic Nebraska whiskey brand originally distilled by Willow Springs Distillery. It was very popular in its day, but unfortunately disappeared during Prohibition. However, in 2020, the brand was resurrected by David Mark Young. In my prior review of Golden Sheaf Bourbon Batch #2, I more fully discuss the brand’s history, so I won’t repeat myself here.

Golden Sheaf’s First Finished Whiskey

This is the first foray into finished whiskey for Golden Sheaf. Two 8 year and one 7 year bourbon, sourced from Indiana and Kentucky, were used to make this whiskey. The bourbons were blended and then finished in James Arthur Vineyards Tropasti Port casks for 6 months. The composite mash bill of the blend is 82% corn, 16% rye, and 2% malted barley.

Golden Sheaf Port Finished Bourbon also just won Platinum at the Ascot Awards!

Glass and Sample Bottle - Golden Sheath Port Finished Bourbon Review
Tasting Notes – Golden Sheaf Port Finished Bourbon

Let’s taste it:

🛌 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉Nose: Dark purple grape juice, dark cherries, lightly burnt caramel, vanilla, oak and some rye spice; moderate alcohol
👉Taste: Dark grape juice, port, toffee; honey sweetness; almost syrupy mouthfeel; a bit of oak and char
👉Finish: The port flavors continue into the finish and linger; moderate white pepper spice rises and oak and char remain; moderate burn; long finish

Port makes itself known in the nose of Golden Sheaf Port Finished Bourbon as dark grape juice and dark cherries. The flavor progressively becomes more distinctly port-forward, continuing well into the finish. Oak and some char are also there throughout. The caramel in the nose changes more to a toffee in the taste, and quite a bit of honey sweetness develops, and also lingers on into the finish. Also, the port flavors pick up a tanginess as they head into the finish.

I’m Generally Not A Port Finished Fan, But This One I Like

For full disclosure, I am generally not a fan of red wine finishes. Port, albeit fortified, is generally a red wine. I know a lot of people love red wine and bourbon flavors combined, but for me, I generally prefer them separately. However, in Golden Sheaf Port Finished Bourbon, those flavors are working together quite well. The oak, white pepper spice and higher proof are nicely complimenting the sweetness, grape and fruitiness of the port and creating a nice contrast of flavors that works quite well.

Bottle - Golden Sheath Port Finished Bourbon Review
?: Golden Sheaf Bourbon

Overall, if you are a fan of port finished and higher proof bourbons, I think you will enjoy this whiskey quite a lot. However, if you generally prefer an unfinished bourbon, you might prefer the Golden Sheaf Authentic Old Style Bourbon, instead. Just follow the link to check out my Golden Sheaf Bourbon Review! Cheers!🥃

Thank you to Golden Sheaf for graciously providing this sample for my review!

We hope you have enjoyed our Golden Sheaf Port Finished Bourbon Review! Check our our Golden Sheaf Bourbon Review to learn about another Golden Sheaf whiskey, and the brand’s history. Or, follow this link for hundreds of our bourbon reviews!

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