Green River Rye Review

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Green River Rye is a new, approachable, Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey. This 95/5 rye should appeal to those new to rye or who prefer a more balanced flavor profile than some of the other ryes out there. Blended from 4-6 year old barrels and bottled at 95 proof, it offers a great value at just $34.99. Want to learn more about its tasting notes and why it deserves a spot on your bar? Read our full review!
Green River
Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
95 Proof
Distilled and Bottled By Green River Distilling Company
MSRP $34.99

Please enjoy our Green River Rye Review!

Green River Distilling Co History

The story of Green River Distilling Co. began back in 1885 when J.W. McCulloch first distilled his Green River Whiskey. Interestingly, his slogan was “The Whiskey Without A Headache”. For obvious reasons, the use of this spurious slogan was not allowed to stand, and so today’s version is “Whiskey without Regrets”. Although one could dispute this as well; it sort of reminds me of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Let’s hope it’s true!

Green River Distilling Today

Today, Green River Distilling is owned by the Bardstown Bourbon Company, who purchased it in 2022. Green River has previously released their Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Kentucky Straight Wheated Bourbon, and Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Now, they are releasing a rye.

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Green River Rye Mash Bill

Green River Rye is distilled from a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley. It is a blend of 4-6 year old barrels and is bottled at 95 proof.

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Tasting Notes – Green River Rye Review

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Simple syrup sweetness, orange peel, sweet orange juice, rye spices like cloves, hint of spearmint and rye bread; alcohol is appropriate for the proof
👉🏻Taste: Mild honey sweetness, black tea, tart lime, sweet caramel, mild rye spices and rye bread
👉🏻Finish: Quite a bit of white pepper spice; mild sweetness lingers, subtle dry oak and char are at the very end with a dry feeling left on my tongue; fairly long; moderate burn

There’s a fair amount of tart citrus in the nose, a cross between orange and lime, with a simple syrup sweetness, fairly subtle rye spices and rye bread. Just a hint of spearmint and a bit of sweetness from fresh squeezed orange juice round out the aromas. The taste has black tea and a mild sweetness that’s richer than in the nose, and more like honey. Rye spices and rye bread are fairly subtle, and some sweet caramel adds a bit of body. In the finish, there is a fairly rapidly growing, moderate white pepper spice, with some dryness towards the end, with subtle dry oak, and char.

Glencairn & Bottle - Green River Rye Review
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For those that are expecting an in-your-face ultra spicy 95/5 rye, this isn’t it. But that’s a good thing! Green River Rye has much more approachable flavors than those ryes, with a pleasant balance that will appeal to those who are looking for a enjoyably drinkable rye. In addition, the price point is worth discussing. Green River Rye is a well made, 95 proof, 95/5 rye blended from 4-6 year old barrels priced at just $34.99. In today’s market, that really is very reasonable. Green River Rye has earned its place on my bar, for sure!

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We hope you have enjoyed our Green River Rye Review! Would you like to learn more about this distillery? Then check out our Green River Distilling Tour Review!

Thank you to Green River Distilling Co. for graciously providing this rye for my review!

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