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The Guide For Home Bourbon Bartenders!

Has it been your desire to become a home bourbon bartender extraordinaire? Then our Home Bartending Guide will be perfect for you!

Getting Started or Becoming A Pro

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and start learning how to make bourbon cocktails at home? Or maybe you’ve been a home bartender for a while and just want to hone your skills? Either way, our Home Bartending Guide takes you through every step along the way, from choosing the perfect bourbon for your cocktails, to what bar tools you will need to acquire and what other ingredients and mixers you might want to have on your bar. A new chapter will be added to the guide every week or two, so keep checking back or sign up for our newsletter so that you don’t miss any of the important details!

Aften Locken - Author of the Home Bartender Guide

Aften Locken – The Bourbon Bartender’s Bourbon Bartender

This guide is written by Aften Locken. Aften Locken is a bourbon nerd and a cocktail geek, mixing the two together in ways that will make partakers say “wow” and stay thirsty for more. She has worked in the beverage alcohol industry for six years as a bourbon educator, presenter, tour guide and experience designer. Her mixology endeavors include the design and execution of showcased cocktails for the 6th Floor Millionaire’s Row at the Kentucky Derby, premium bar management for VIP attendees of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, regular cocktail class series for bourbon enthusiast groups and promotional videos for premium brands. In the bourbon realm, she creates and executes premium bourbon experiences and education offered through Bourbonpro.com.

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