Ironroot Ichor – 5th Anniversary Release

Ironroot Ichor is the special 5th anniversary release from Ironroot Republic Distilling Company. It is a blend of their oldest 5 year whiskeys. Only 300 bottles are available.

Ironroot Republic Distillery was opened in Denison, TX in 2014 by Robert and Jonathan Likarish. Their spirits are made on site, from mash to bottle. Ironroot Ichor is their special 5th anniversary bourbon released in November 2019. It is a blend of their oldest 5 year whiskeys. 300 bottles were available, only at the distillery, and they sold out in less than 2 hours. Thanks to my fantastic friend Rick who lives nearby Denison, I was able to obtain one of them (along with many of their other bourbons over the years). Thanks Rick!?

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Proof: 123 – This is a pretty strong one, the highest proof of all of their bourbons that I have.The bottle is very cool – an opaque black, and a similar shape to many of their prior releases. My bottle is also signed by both of the Likarish brothers.

Nose: raisin, caramel, maple syrup, alcohol
Taste: raisin, corn, cocoa, hint of cherry and cinnamon
Finish: raisin, corn, cocoa and alcohol with a moderate burn. The finish is moderately long and it picks up some barrel char towards the end

The proof is noticeable, at 123, but not overbearing and the bourbon is easy to drink, with some of the pleasant flavors which can be found at this age. Overall, on my first pour, I am enjoying this one. I am interested to see how it changes and develops after being open a bit, as many of the higher proof bourbons often do.


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