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Visiting Kentucky’s bourbon distilleries is an educational and enjoyable way to learn about bourbon. Planning ahead will allow you to get the most out of your days, and we aim to provide you with all the information you need.

A few  “Bourbon Tours” have been designed by various organizations to serve as a guide to see certain groups of distilleries which share characteristics in common, and their numbers are growing each day. Some distilleries are not a part of these “Bourbon Tours” but should not be missed, probably most notably, Buffalo Trace. Let us help be your guide to  exploring the places behind Kentucky bourbon!

Kentucky Distillery Map

Interactive Kentucky Distillery Map

This interactive map includes all Kentucky bourbon, moonshine and spirits distilleries, as well as corporate offices with distilling licenses. Distilleries are organized into convenient categories, such as bourbon distilleries that you can tour, bourbon production distilleries that don’t allow visitors, distilleries with gift shops but no tours and other useful categories. Use the map to plan a trip or just to learn more about where your favorite Kentucky distillery is located. (For larger view, click here or on the map)

Kentucky Distillery List

List of all licensed Kentucky distilleries. Includes Kentucky bourbon, moonshine, & spirits. Based on up to date information from the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Licensing Division.  Provided information includes addresses and site specific amenities such as whether they have tours, tastings, gift shops, restaurants, etc.  Click here to go to the Kentucky Distillery list.

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The Bourbon Tours

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is a collection of large distilleries which welcome visitors, assembled by the Kentucky Distillers’ Association.  These include the majority of the large Kentucky distilleries, such as Four Roses, Heaven Hill,  Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Woodford and Old Forester, and some of the other smaller but well known distilleries such as Michters, Rabbit Hole and Angels Envy. The list is ever growing. You can pick up a “Passport” and get it stamped at each distillery you visit. When completed, you get an Official Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tasting Glass and the option to buy a shirt. Notably absent is Buffalo Trace. There is more information on their website: Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour is a collection of small and/or new(er) distilleries assembled by the Kentucky Distillers’ Association.  These include Willett, Pogue,  Boone County, Neeley Family Distillery, Kentucky Peerless, Kentucky Artisan and many others. The list is ever growing.  You can pick up a “Passport” and get it stamped at each distillery you visit. When completed, you get an Official Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour Mint Julep Cup.  There is more information on their website: Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour

Stateline Whiskey Tour

The Stateline Whiskey Tour was launched at the end of September 2018 and  is 3 distilleries located in Southwestern Kentucky and adjacent Northwestern Tennessee. This includes Casey Jones Distillery, MB Roland Distillery and Old Glory Distilling Co.  As with the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and Bourbon Trail Craft Tours, you can pick up a passport at any of the participating distilleries and get it stamped at each one you visit. When you visit the last distillery you will receive a commemorative completion gift. There is more information on their website: Stateline Whiskey Tour

Kentucky Distilleries not on the Bourbon Trail

With all the distilleries including in the Tours and Trails, you might think that there are not many left, but indeed there are. Notably absent is Buffalo Trace Distillery, which is certainly one not to be missed, and one of the more unique in many ways, not the least being that their tours are still free!

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